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Audition (Edmonton): Ana and the Substitute Teacher Edmonton and Winnipeg Fringe Tour

Audition (Edmonton): Ana and the Substitute Teacher Edmonton and Winnipeg Fringe Tour



Ana and the Substitute Teacher
by Adam Schwartz and Aimée Beaudoin

Directed by: Jennifer Krezlewicz

Ana and the Substitute Teacher is a premiere TYA show about an exceptional day in the life of a kind-hearted young lady with Autism/Aspergers.

Two weeks in late June/Early July pending schedules plus an additional few days prior to each Fringe opening.

Performance Dates:
Winnipeg Fringe – July 17th – 28th 2019
Edmonton Fringe – August 15th-25th

We are looking for actors to perform in both the Winnipeg and the Edmonton Fringe Festivals. This show will be on Mainstages in both cities. We will be rehearsing in Edmonton and then travelling to Winnipeg. There are billeting options in both cities for places to stay for the duration of the Fringe Festival. A carpool will be arranged and gas will be covered by production. Profits will be split equally amongst the production team.

Ana: 10 Years old. Ana is sweet, highly intelligent and funny. She has a mild form of Autism/Aspergers.

Will: 10 years old. Into fantasy lore, video games, Lego. Will is wise beyond his years from being constantly moved around by his Mom. Kindness is a virtue, an Will has it in spades.

Stephanie: 10 years old. Valley girl, Clueless, young Regina George style bully. Stephanie has a whole lot of fun being a meanie.

Mom/Ms. Cobweb/Ms. Zephyr: 30-60 years old. Huge range is an asset as these three characters are all distinct and contrasting. Looking for an enigmatic character actress. Comedic skills are a must.

Please Submit a photo and resume to

We will be holding Auditions this Friday March 1st from 11am-2pm. We will contact you with an audition time and send you the sides. If you live outside of Edmonton and are willing to travel for rehearsals and show dates please submit. We are accepting video submissions!


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