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Auditions (St. Albert): Barely Heirs – St. Albert Dinner Theatre

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Auditions (St. Albert): Barely Heirs – St. Albert Dinner Theatre


St. Albert Dinner Theatre presents:

By David Lassig
in special arrangement with Heuer Publishing
Directed by Rob Beeston


This is the story of Jane, who stands to inherit a small fortune. All Jane needs to collect her inheritance is get married and wait six months. That was six months ago. Once the lawyer drops by to deliver the documents, she and her husband will live happily ever after. Everything is set to go off without a hitch, and by suppertime, Jane should be rich.

That is…IF she were actually married.

That is…IF her “husband” Tom shows up on time, and IF she can get rid of her best friend (and Tom’s real wife) Claire, her ex-boyfriend Paul, the lawyer, and a police officer who keeps stopping by unannounced.

Yes, the whole plan should still work out as long she can keep everyone away from her mother. (Oh…Didn’t we mention that Jane’s mother has stopped by, and could ruin everything?)
As it stands right now, it looks as if Jane and Tom are just…Barely Heirs.

(2-4 MALE, 3-5 FEMALE)
JANE (F): Intelligent, clever, and a bit greedy; late twenties/early thirties.
CLAIRE (F): Jane’s BFF, trusting but somewhat naïve, late twenties/early thirties.
PAUL (M): Jane’s ex, and a hopeless romantic, late twenties/early thirties.
TOM (M): Claire’s husband, a bit wild and crazy. Late twenties/mid thirties.
WILLIAM/ WILHELMINA (M/F): An exceptionally ordinary but professional-looking lawyer, late forties (or older).
RICK/RIKKI (M/F): A curious and diligent police officer. Open age range.
BETTY (F): Jane’s flamboyant mother, mid-fifties (or older).


  • The parts of the Lawyer (William|Wilhelmina) and the Policeman (Rick|Rikki) can be played as either M or F and all performers will be considered for those roles.
  • Age ranges for characters are approximate as shown.
  • All performers will be considered who can play the age ranges shown.
  • An understudy may be considered for key roles.
  • This is a NON-equity production. Equity performers cannot be considered.

Performance Dates: Three week run, Thu-Fri-Sat, starting April 11, 2019.

Rehearsal schedule: (tentative) three nights weekly, Mon-Tue-Thu, beginning Monday, Feb 25.

Please outline any potential conflicts to the production team or the director in writing prior to audition dates.

To register for an audition please send an email to the Director, Rob Beeston, indicating which roles are of interest, at:

Headshots and resumes are recommended but not required. Audition registrations will be held in strict confidence. Neither The St. Albert Dinner Theatre nor the Director will retain any photos or resumes provided beyond the audition period, nor will your resume or photo be used in any way without your express permission.

Audition will consist of a group table read of a script excerpt. The script excerpt will be provided once you have been registered for an audition time.

Audition times:
Sunday Feb 17, 2:00PM to 5:00PM
Monday Feb 18, 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Each audition time will consist of a group table read with 6-8 performers, approximately 30 minutes per read.

Performers will meet the production team and be interviewed individually immediately prior to the group table read.

All auditioning actors will be notified of a casting decision as soon as possible, prior to Feb 23. Scripts will be provided once a role has been accepted.

Audition location and Performance Venue:
The Kinsmen Club of St. Albert
47 Riel Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 3Z2

St. Albert Dinner Theatre/St. Albert Theatre Troupe is a community theatre company in St. Albert, Alberta. We strive to provide opportunities for all performers and volunteers of all ages to build skills and relationships, enhance their theatrical experience on stage and off, and entertain and serve our community.


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