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Auditions (Edmonton): All Through the Night! (HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS NEEDED!)

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Auditions (Edmonton): All Through the Night! (HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS NEEDED!)


All Through the Night!

To be Directed by Ailsa Brazeau
and Choreographed by Malika Shourie

All Through The Night! is a mime show about a dream that a group of people experience together. The show will have physical comedy, painting, knitting, and absurdist cult-like rituals. While the show is blocking heavy, formal dance training is not required. We are at present casting exclusively high school students!

Character Breakdown

RINGMASTER: The leader of the group. This character is in control of the twists and turns the dream takes, and is not present before or after the dream begins. They are a creation of the group’s collective imagination.

LOVEBIRDS: These two characters are in love with each other, but they both have no idea their feelings are reciprocated. They spend their time nervously trying to communicate with each other until the show’s end.

ENSEMBLE: The show’s supporting characters (the rest of the group). These are individual and specific roles that will be fleshed out during the rehearsal process. The size of this group is flexible and will thus be based on the outcome of auditions

Auditions will be held in the choral room at Strathcona High School on Thursday, January 24th. You will audition in groups of five. No prepared material is required. To book an audition slot, please email your resume and headshot to


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