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Job (Drumheller): Conductor – Badlands Passion Play

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Job (Drumheller): Conductor – Badlands Passion Play


Now in its 26th season, the Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller Alberta, is an epic musical portrayal of the life of Jesus set on Canada’s largest outdoor theatre stage with up to 180 performers on stage. Our 35 member Production team works with the volunteer and paid actor cast to present 9 performance each July to an aggregate audience of over 13,000. We invite you to consider joining us this coming season.

The Badlands Passion Play is looking for a conductor for our upcoming season. This job would entail conducting a band of approximately 13 people both in rehearsal situations and in performance situations. The conductor would help keep elements of the show in time over a stage as big as a football field, help with tricky tempi shifts, pick up cues via an in ear monitor and help with tuning, blending etc. The conductor would be expected to lead both vocal and instrumental rehearsals; and during shows the conductor would be expected to warm up the cast. There will also be a musical director who is in charge to the music as a whole and how it fits within the context of the show. That individual will also help with the teaching of many of the choral elements of the show.

The Conductor will work with actors/musicians/singers of all ranges, experience and ages, on all terrain and all weather. The successful candidate will have a background in Musical Theatre, Band, Orchestra, or Choral music and be organized and a team player. Experience with Volunteer actors, large casts and outdoor theatre is preferred. Please send a resume and cover letter to Vance Neudorf at exec@badlandsamp.com

Contract Dates
The conductor would be contracted on a 4 day work week: Thursdays through Sundays.
May 1st – 8th – Directors Meetings
May 9th – First Day of Rehearsal
July 3rd & 4th – Dress Rehearsals
July 5th – Opening Night
TBA – Post-Mortem Chat (will be in early July)
July 21st – Closing Night

Dependent on experience

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