News (Alberta): AFA Releases 2017-2018 Final Report

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News (Alberta): AFA Releases 2017-2018 Final Report



Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Message from the Chair of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

For more than 25 years, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) has served as the Government of Alberta’s primary supporter of artists and arts organizations. Our support helps ensure that the arts continue to be an essential contributor to the quality of life of Albertans.
In 2017-18, funding for the AFA was increased by $5 million for a total of $31.6 million. This increase represents our government’s commitment to supporting Alberta’s arts community, in spite of economic challenges caused by the steep decline in oil prices.
In response, the AFA Board of Directors developed a budget to support greater access, excellence, and sustainability of the arts sector. Arts organizations received greater support to assist with the challenges from the economic downturn and individual artists and organizations seeking project funding were given a greater chance of receiving support. In result, the total number of grants we provided increased by 18 per cent from 2016-17 due to the increase to our budget allocation.
The AFA cares for the largest and most active provincial public art collection in Canada, valued at more than $16 million. We acquired 126 new artworks into the AFA Art Collection this year, helping us celebrate and preserve works by visual artists in Alberta. We are also committed to sharing our treasure of artworks with Albertans, with more than a quarter of our entire collection on display last year.
The AFA seeks to promote engagement with the arts across the province. We were thrilled to partner with Alberta Culture Days for its 10th anniversary, and to continue promoting access to the arts for youth in First Nations and Métis communities through our partnership with the Alberta’s Future Leaders program.
On behalf of the AFA Board of Directors, I am happy to share the results of a remarkable year of growth.
I am pleased to present the AFA 2017-18 Annual Report.
Liam Oddie, Chair
Alberta Foundation for the Arts