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Job (Drumheller): Head of Sound Department/Sound Engineer

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Job (Drumheller): Head of Sound Department/Sound Engineer


Now in its 26th season, the Canadian Badlands Passion Play is an epic musical theatrical portrayal of the life of Jesus set on Canada’s largest outdoor theatre stage with up to 180 performers on stage. Our 35 member production team works with the volunteer and paid actor cast to present 9 performance each July to an aggregate audience of over 13,000. We invite you to consider joining us this coming season.

Reporting to the Production Manager, the Head of Department Sound/Sound Engineer (hereafter referred to as HOD) is responsible for coordinating all sound equipment and the sound crew in order to ensure a show that sounds the best it can be in coordination with the Composer, Band Leader & Directors. The crew will consist of 3 members to help achieve this (Band/Monitor Tech, Microphone Tech & Assistant On Deck Sound)

Contract Dates

First Day – May 1st 2019
First Day of Rehearsal – May 9th 2019
Opening Night – July 5th 2019
Closing Night – July 21st 2019
Strike Week (Contract End date) – July 28th 2019

Qualifications and Required Skills

• A minimum of 2 years of Theatre Technology Schooling or sound engineering schooling.
• A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the theatre industry or audio industry, as an audio engineer primarily
• A strong understanding of theatre organization
• Experience in crew scheduling/planning
• A working knowledge of Microsoft Office
• A working knowledge of QLab
• A strong understanding of how to run a large sound system.
• A strong understanding of mixing a full band and voices.
• A background in mixing bands and/or musical theatre is required.
• Experience reading a musical score is invaluable.
• Must enjoy working in a challenging creative environment with a large group of eclectic personalities
• Excellent Inter-personal skills both written and verbal.
• Excellent conflict resolution skills
• Willing and able to walk the challenging outdoor, 60-acre set
• A valid driver’s license is required
• Valuable related experience includes: working in theatres with volunteers and/or large casts; experience with outdoor theatre and First AID
• Must be able to work daytime, evenings, weekends and holidays.

Areas of Oversight

• Communicating and liaising with all departments involved, including other members of the Directing Team, Cast, the Creative Team, the Production Team, and the Executive Director to achieve the effective completion of musical requirements of the production.
• Overseeing the installation of the Sound System early in the season with the assistance of other Sound Team members. This will involve hooking up digital snakes and boards, moving gear, hiding speakers within the design of the set, connecting speakers, running lines, conducting tests on equipment, cleaning equipment, and maintaining upwards of 24 wireless mics.
• Guiding the Microphone Technician during rehearsals in the creation of a mic map that shows which actors need mics at which point in the script. Since actors will often need to share microphones, the map needs to assess where mic changes should occur, who needs help, etc.
• Mixing the show during rehearsals and performances. This involves 24 wireless microphones on a multitude of untrained performers over a stage the size of two football fields.
• Keeping a detailed script with notes on movements, and a cue system with proper protocol for the movement of sound sources across the stage.
• Using QLab to fire any pre-recorded Q’s.
• Gathering information about blocking and staging from the Directors at meetings and throughout rehearsals.
• Powering the System on and off each day.
• Writing down direction from both the Composer and the Directing Team in relation to sound levels, etc.
• Managing, and tracking department budget as set by the Production Manager
• Creating and maintaining the necessary paperwork for speakers, microphones, monitors etc. along with the rest of the sound team.
• Participate in Team meetings, weekly production meetings and design meetings
• Understanding and promoting the requirements of health and safety legislation (including the donning of proper PPE when working on site), while supervising and maintaining the workshop and production worksites to keep them safe and clean
• Overseeing the Sound Team.
• Sourcing and purchasing any sound equipment that may be required.
• Receiving notes from Stage Management and resolving them to the best of their ability
• Overseeing the annual strike week that follows the performance season.
• Other duties as required


700$ – 900$ a week depending on experience


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