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What’s On (Calgary): U of C School of Creative and Performing Arts Presents antigone lives*

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What’s On (Calgary): U of C School of Creative and Performing Arts Presents antigone lives*


The School of Creative and Performing Arts presents antigone lives*, a new work by Canadian playwright and actor Susanna Fournier, in the Reeve Theatre from Oct. 12 to Oct. 20.

Drama faculty member Christine Brubaker, who joined the School of Creative and Performing Arts in 2016, directs this production.

I love new plays. Their imperfection, their upstart-ness, their unpredictability and the shared surprise with the first audiences. antigone lives* is just that,” says Brubaker.

antigone lives* is an unfaithful re-telling of Sophocles’ original. It’s more rave than play. The story still follows Antigone, the royal princess and daughter of the (in)famous Oedipus and Jocasta. After the death of her parents, her brothers argue about who should rule the kingdom of Thebes. Eteocles, the elder, banishes the younger, Polynices, who leads a revolt aptly named the Seven Against Thebes. Both brothers die in battle. Their uncle, Creon, next in line to the throne, declares an edict that Polynices is a traitor and anyone who attempts to bury him will be put to death.

This is where our story starts. The war rages on outside the palace gates. Antigone is faced the with the dilemma of how to honour her brother and give him a respectful burial while facing the fury of those in ‘power’.

Tickets are $21 (adults) and $16 (students/seniors) and are available online at scpa.ucalgary.ca/events
There will be a talkback with playwright Susanna Fournier after the Oct. 14 matinee performance.

Audience considerations:
Contains gun shots, fog, strong language, loud music and strobe light. Suggested for ages 14+.

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