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Audition (Calgary): THE PRINCE’S BRIDE – Foothills Alliance Church

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Audition (Calgary): THE PRINCE’S BRIDE – Foothills Alliance Church


THE PRINCE’S BRIDE by Adam Schnell
Prince Jesse leaves his Kingdom to live among his subjects and falls in love with commoner, Judith. The bride-to-be is kidnapped just as they are about to be married and Jesse is thrust on a quest to find and rescue the one he’s chosen as his princess. With a pair of unlikely sidekicks as travelling companions, Jesse must endure terrible fortune, horrible beasts, betrayal, and an unlikely final confrontation with his nemesis– a powerful enchantress– to release Judith from her clutches.

PERFORMANCES: May 1-5, 7*, 2019 (May 7 is tbd)
REHEARSAL DAYS: Tue (eve) & Sat (am/pm)
DIRECTOR: Melissa Dorsey


An omnipotent editorializing male voice that interjects, states the obvious and functions to drive the story forward.
JESSE (M, 20-45)
A different kind of prince.  Leaves his kingdom to live amongst his subject. Extremely perceptive. The greatest swordsman in all the land.
JUDITH (F, 20-35)
A commoner, plain and down to earth, but not worldly wise.  The object of Jesse’s affection. Swayed by what’s right in front of her.
LILITH (F, 20-45)
The villain.  She’s known Jesse since childhood and her dreams for their relationship has not panned out.  She’s an accomplished sorceress, wily and wicked. She’s become the sworn enemy to Jesse and his family.
BART (M/F, 30-65)
A common traveler.  Lifelong friend and travelling companion to Bowen.  Considers himself to be a thinker (though he may not be right) and always takes the lead.
BOWEN (M/F, 30-65)
A common traveler.  Bart’s counterpart. A little less forward than Bart, but that might mean he’s wiser.
The stereotypical prince.  Give the impression that he is self-assured and concerned with propriety.  Greatly exaggerates his import. Otherwise known as Phoenix Brightstar.
A foppish somewhat spineless prince.   Not particularly bright, but wants to be thought of as respectable. He’s easily manipulated.  Otherwise known as Davenport Stoutbottom.
Assistants to the narrator.  They react to his instructions and help the characters along in the story. Actually actors seen onstage, not just backstage help.
Bandita/Bandito, Armies of the Prince of the South, Armies of the Prince of the North


Tue, Sep 18 @ 7-9pm
Sat, Sep 22 @ 10-2pm
at Foothills Alliance Church (333 Edgepark Blvd NW, Calgary, AB)
Audition sides will be provided prior to auditions
CALLBACKS – Sun, Sep 30 @ 3:30-6:30pm
To submit an audition request, please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/foothillsauditions
Questions? Email Rebecca: rebeccas@foothillsalliance.com

THE PRINCE’S BRIDE is a volunteer contract. Equity members will not be seen at these auditions unless they have permission from their union.

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