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Library: Books, books, so many books….. – Theatre Alberta

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Library: Books, books, so many books….. – Theatre Alberta

What do you do with all those books you don’t want anymore?

There are many ways to recycle your volumes:

  • Share with friends, neighbors or colleagues.
  • Set up a mini share station at your workplace, church or other local gathering place (with permission of course) where you can leave a book and take a book.
  • Donate to local charities for them to recycle or share.
  • Check craft idea websites to see what projects are possible.
  • Use your local paper recycling service – remove hard covers first!
  • Have your own book sale or a garage sale.
  • Donate them to your local library.
  • Take them to a local used book store for resale.
  • Use them in bookshelves to line your walls for extra insulation…

Just kidding with that last one, but it seems that at my house, this is what my bookshelves do.

Here at Theatre Alberta, we are recycling a well-worn copy of a play in order to have fun with a contest called PLAY IN A JAR!

We need to find new homes for donated plays (which, by the way, are in excellent shape) that we can’t use in the library.  So, starting on August 27th, drop by the library and try your luck guessing the title of the play we shredded and put in a jar. For guessing correctly, you will get a bundle of three donated plays. At the end of September, we will put all the correct entries into a draw for a grand prize of eight donated plays and some Theatre Alberta swag. Members outside Edmonton will be able to play along via Twitter and Facebook – just watch for the clues in future posts!

Have fun!

Chris Profiri, Librarian

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