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What’s On (Edmonton): Ready. Set. Collage – Mile Zero Dance

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What’s On (Edmonton): Ready. Set. Collage – Mile Zero Dance


Mile Zero Dance presents:
Ready – Set – Collage on Friday, July 6.


Ready – Set – Collage is an opening reception for Jill Pollock’s exhibition in the Spazio Gallery where attendees can try their hand at making a collage. $5 admission price, which includes supplies. Refreshments will be available.

Friday, July 6
6:30 PM to 11 PM
$5, which includes supplies

Jill Pollock has marinated in many different types of artistic expression; song-writing, singing, tap-dancing, writing haikus, sketching large headed creatures with small stumpy legs, and most recently, analog collage. She finds peace in the obscure, seeks serenity in the chaos, and digs deep for meaning in the meaningless. Jill’s collages were conceived during trips to Edmonton’s Reuse Center, bringing home old books and magazines then carefully cutting out all her favourite images. She would either add the images to an already complete work of art, such as an oil painting (Doris on a Horse) or would craft it from scratch (Viking Hell). Through this newfound love of collage, Jill has also discovered the deliciousness of creating art, ultimately, for herself.

The process takes hours, days, even weeks to let the images find their way into some serendipitous formation. Then, she waits for a title to flash into her mind, and if she gives herself a nod of approval (which sometimes takes multiple frantic reorganizations of images), she then plasters it all down and births a new piece of art. Jill knows her collages are not loved, nor embraced by all, but that might just be the whole point of creating such specific and intuitively composed pieces. For, if one person, just one person, big or small, round or square, hard or soft, takes a second or third glance at that collage and wonders one small thing, then Jill is satisfied. That is the point. It must be. Mustn’t it? Also, Jill is writing this in third person and it feels ridiculously odd. Jill hopes you enjoy at least one thing on these walls, from the inside out.

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/386120221890320/

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