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What’s On (Edmonton) – Dirt Buffet Cabaret #34 with Ben Gorodetsky – Mile Zero Dance

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What’s On (Edmonton) – Dirt Buffet Cabaret #34 with Ben Gorodetsky – Mile Zero Dance


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Mile Zero Dance presents: Dirt Buffet Cabaret #34

Mile Zero Dance confirms additional Dirt Buffet Cabaret performance with founder Ben Gorodetsky for a special one-off show.

Mile Zero Dance (MZD) has included an additional Dirt Buffet Cabaret performance to their Swerve 2017-18 season with series founder Ben Gorodetsky curating and hosting the experimental variety show on Saturday, July 14 at 8 PM at Spazio Performativo (10816 95 St.). Entry is $10 at the door, but no one will be refused for lack of funds.

With a special emphasis on freaky fun and ecstatic experimentation, Ben has curated an all-star variety show that promises to blow the doors off the Mile Zero performance laboratory. The show is structured in 10-minute segments of concept comedy, dance, performance art, music, and many other shades of Vaudevillian spectacle where anything goes.

Entering the performance laboratory are:
• Todd Houseman – Political performance
• Mustafa Rafiq aka Family Injera – Ambient music and sound art
• Louise Casemore – Theatrical performance
• Sarah Ormandy and Alex Dawkins – Anti-comedy and existential chaos
• Sean Arceta – B-boy dance
• Stacey Murchison – Afterparty DJ
• Plus, a burlesque comedy art and an inscrutable media art piece by Ben Gorodetsky

Ben Gorodetsky is a theatre maker, writer, producer, burlesque performer, and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to moving to NYC to pursue an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts at Brooklyn College – CUNY, Ben lived in Edmonton for seven years. Ben is co-creator of the award-winning, internationally-touring, cultural comedy and production duo Folk Lordz (with Todd Houseman).

Dirt Buffet Cabaret is a multidisciplinary variety show that was created in 2015 by Ben Gorodetsky. Since Gorodetsky’s departure last June, the 2017-18 season featured different Edmonton-based artists curating and hosting the show. Previous curators have included: Tony Olivares, Brooke Leifso, Liam Coady, Natalie Loveless, and Mustafa Rafiq.

About Mile Zero Dance

Mile Zero Dance Society (MZD) is a contemporary dance company that creates and produces original dynamic interdisciplinary works focusing on performance, collaboration, community outreach, and training.

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