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What’s On (Calgary): Premium Content – The Major Matt Mason Theatre Collective

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What’s On (Calgary): Premium Content – The Major Matt Mason Theatre Collective


PREMIUM CONTENT is a play about art, consent, polyamory and the internet. It’s a play about boundaries: in relationships, in art, and the grey space where they converge. It’s a play about the difference between a funeral and a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a play about trying really hard to be really cool.

In an age where you can access anything online, how do you know what is truly good, and what is truly bad? Featuring live video feeds, innovative design, and an ensemble engaging in the impossible, PREMIUM CONTENT is an entirely live performance experience.

Every night the ensemble of six actors will switch roles, adopting one of thousands of possible casting scenarios, to flip the gender and power dynamics within the work. Utilizing live recording in each performance, Quickdraw Animation’s Tyler Klein Longmire will create a new animation video each night, reflective of the unique casting, to be presented as part of the performance.

“Premium Content is a bold, refreshing play about personal boundaries and breaching personal boundaries. What is free and what is not free? Rigorous in form and intellectually stimulating, the young characters in Walker’s play live on the edge of their desires, bringing us into a world that is as up to date as tomorrow.”
APN Competition Juror

Formed in 2010 and featuring seven bold, brilliant, and award winning members, The Major Matt Mason Collective is a collection of multi-disciplinary artists dedicated to creating intimate, experimental, small-scale theatre for and about Calgary’s younger generation. Passionate about young voices, new approaches, and work that is provocative both in subject matter and presentation, this production will be the first time MMMC has partnered with a winner of their Wildfire Playwriting Competition.

“For those interested in an engaging, but challenging, night of live theatre, MMMC’s passionate gang of artists produces some of the best original work in town.”
Meredith Bailey, Avenue Magazine

Preview June 21 8pm (PWYC)
June 22+23 8pm
June 24 2pm (PWYC)
June 26-30 8pm
Midnight show: June 29th 11:59pm (PWYC)

Joyce Doolittle Theatre
at The Pumphouse Theatres
2140 Pumphouse Ave SW
Tickets $20 Adult, $15 Student and Artists Tickets available at https://premiumcontent.bpt.me

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