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What’s On (Edmonton): Die-Nasty!

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What’s On (Edmonton): Die-Nasty!


Tom Edwards, Matt Alden, Mark Meer, Belinda Cornish, Shannon Blanchet, Sheri Somerville. Janna Hove Photography.



The Live Improvised Soap Opera
Only 2 Shows Remain…
Monday May 21
Monday May 28
7:30 p.m.
At the beautiful Varscona Theatre
10329 83 avenue
Tickets $18 only at the door

The Latest Gossip from Die-Nasty…

Greed. Seduction. Betrayal. Revenge. 80s. Die-Nasty, the Monday-night live all-improvised soap opera continues its 27th season of prime-time comedy. This Canadian comedy-award winning troupe invites you to join them, if you’re a regular or a newbie, in their ongoing adventures in the 80s style “Dynasty” hilarity.

Murder! Beef Camembert has been killed in cold blood and everyone is a suspect. Especially because of the money Beef left behind. Half goes to Dax Rochefort…but who gets the rest? Will his murder be solved? Will money or love prevail?

The People

Chaz Rochefort (Tom Edwards) – patriarch of the Rochefort Family, head of oil byproduct empire Rochefort Industries

Dr. Rex Rochefort (Mark Meer) – black sheep son of the Rochefort Family, pro bono plastic surgeon for the homeless

Dax Rochefort (Jesse Gervais) – second son, runs the family business and owner of the Calgary Flames

Jewel Leibowitz (Stephanie Wolfe) – Chaz’s ex-executive secretary and his new fiancée

Beef Camembert (Peter Brown) – head of Camembert Ltd, a rival business

Gini Camembert  (Sheri Somerville )- Beef’s slowly unraveling, recovering alcoholic wife

Vermouth Camembert (Chantal Perron/Shannon Blanchet) – Beef’s and Gini’s petulant and wild daughter

Jason Waterfalls (Matt Alden) – world famous architect, designer of Calgary’s new arena

Jack Monterey (Lee Boyes) – professional temp and theatre actor

Clay Manchego (Jason Hardwick) – personal assistant to Chaz’s son, Dax Rochefort

Amber Stilton (Belinda Cornish) – executive secretary to Chaz Rochefort

Matilda Marble (Delia Barnett) – new intern at the Rochefort Clinic, studying rocket and computer sciences by correspondence

Chester Gardner (Vincent Forcier) – gardener to the Rochefort Family

Dr. Clavengaline Shamsheylaree (Kristi Hansen)- head of the international conglomerate, Shamsheylaree Industries

Mr. Stist (Jeff Haslam) – a European businessman, personal assistant to Clavengaline Shamsheylaree

Colt Maloney (Wayne Jones)- Pony’s twin brother, personal chauffeur to the Rochefort Family

Pony Maloney (Wayne Jones) – Colt’s twin brother, personal chauffeur to Camembert Family

The Story

The Rochefort Family. The Camembert Family. Business and money rule the world but love will save it. While the Calgary Flames arena must be built, will our players manage to maintain their love and affection for each other, let along themselves?

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