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What’s On (Edmonton): Dirt Buffet Cabaret #33 – Mile Zero Dance

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s On (Edmonton): Dirt Buffet Cabaret #33 – Mile Zero Dance


Mustafa Rafiq by Levi Manchak

Mustafa Rafiq will be curating and hosting the final Dirt Buffet Cabaret of Mile Zero Dance (MZD) “Swerve” 2017/18 season.

Dirt Buffet Cabaret #33
Hosted and Curated by Mustafa Rafiq
May 24 @ 8 PM
$10 (obo) at the door

Entering the performance laboratory is:

Sarah Louise
Parker Thiessen
Shima Robertson
Tab + Tension Collectors
Farhad Khorsravi –
Sekou + crew

Mustafa Rafiq (مصطفى رفي) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Treaty 6 land in Edmonton, Alberta. Their primary focus in the last few years has been in exploring experimental art form through sound. Their work is also informed by being one of the main promoters in the Edmonton community, putting on almost 100 shows since 2015 under Sweaty Palms.

Mustafa is a main curator for Nextfest and Found Fest while maintaining the goal to continuously foster the emerging artist community. Mustafa’s recent work has focused on creating safe and transformative spaces for artists of colour and queer communities. In his free time, Mustafa also performs as a member of Pyramid//Indigo and as a solo artist under the moniker of Family Injera. 2018 sees performances at Big Fun (Winnipeg), Sled Island (Calgary) and Pretty Good Not Bad (Victoria).

Mustafa’s work has been informed by storytelling and understanding his own identity as a queer person of colour. His community involvement focuses on creating collaboration in communities that wouldn’t normally connect.

For more information about the performance, visit:

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