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What’s On (Edmonton & Area): Murderless Mystery Dinner Theatre

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s On (Edmonton & Area): Murderless Mystery Dinner Theatre 2018 Junior Players Showcase & Murderless Mystery Dinner Theatre

The grade 6-12 Junior Players program in Holden celebrates its 8th year with a Showcase performance on April 20 & 21.

Showcase is a two-part night of entertainment. The first half is improv games and theatre sports, and then after the intermission there’s a play. This year it’s The Murderless Mystery Dinner Theatre, in which two high-schoolers devise a plan to pay for tickets to see their favorite rappers by hosting a murder mystery costume party. Their quirky friends and an eccentric teacher help them out, but through some strange coincidences and a magical genie they become the rappers themselves.

Students have come from as far away as Wainwright and Chipman for this special and unique program, held at Holden’s Paragon Theatre.

The program is run by volunteer instructor Roger Harrison, who writes, directs, and produces the plays every year. He has worked in the music, film and television industry and also directs civilians in the battlespace for military training exercises.

Come and see the show! Tickets are a modest $5, and buffet dinner is available for $15 (reservations required). Call Roger at 780-240-6440 or email

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