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Library: Celebrating World Theatre Day and Diversity! – Theatre Alberta

Library: Celebrating World Theatre Day and Diversity! – Theatre Alberta


Today is the day we celebrate theatre – it’s World Theatre Day. UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute (ITI) initiated this special day 57 years ago and theatre communities around the globe have been celebrating ever since – we promote, create awareness, enjoy and share theatre, and we share the annual message from the Institute. This year’s message is not one but five messages written by a diverse group of authors, each from a different UNESCO region: Africa, the Americas, Arab Countries, Asia Pacific and Europe.

In celebration of World Theatre Day and in the spirit of diversity, we encourage you to expand your horizons and diversify your reading list – read a play by a playwright that you haven’t read before! Here’s a short list of diverse plays and playwrights that might inspire you:

  • The Theatre of Sabina Berman by Sabina Berman
  • Collected Plays in Translation by Vijay Tendulkar
  • Testifyin’: Contemporary African Canadian Drama edited by Djarnet Sears
  • The Complete Fawlty Towers by John Cleese and Connie Booth
  • Latin American Plays selected and translated by Sebastian Doggart
  • Staging Coyote’s Dream edited by Monique Mojica and Ric Knowles
  • Playwrights of Exile: An International Anthology
  • Valley Song by Athol Fugard
  • Love + Relasianships edited by Nina Lee Aquino
  • Contemporary Australian Plays edited by Russell Vandenbroucke
  • A Season in the Congo by Aimé Césaire

Happy Reading!
~ Chris and Solveig, Librarians

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