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What’s On (Edmonton): Mar e Bito – Mile Zero Dance

What’s On (Edmonton): Mar e Bito – Mile Zero Dance


Mari Osanai and Yuko Kaseki perform in “Mar e Bito” on Saturday, March 24

Mile Zero Dance (MZD) presents “Mar e Bito”, a world premiere from renowned butoh dance artists Mari Osanai (Japan) and Yuko Kaseki (Germany), on Saturday, March 24 at 8 PM.

Meaning the sea and river in Portuguese, “Mar e Bito” is a contemporary dance performance that features butoh—an avant-garde performance art form which originated in Japan in the 1950s that combines dance, theatre, and improvisation—and noguchi gymnastics—a Japanese release work developed by Michizo Noguchi. This work is completely new repertoire and we’re so excited that Mari and Yuko will be sharing it with our Edmonton audiences for the first time.

Mari Osanai from Aomori, Yuko Kaseki from Berlin
Aomori to Edmonton is 7362km, Edmonton to Berlin is 7238km
We will meet in the middle
Through river and ocean
Pulsating and stretching Sensor
Horizontal movement
Penetrate the boundary line
Appearing a vertical universe
Inhale what you do not see
Overflow the words you do not know
A living matter
The spirit born out of a moment

Saturday, March 24 at 8 PM
Spazio Performativo, 10816 95 St.
$15 members, $20 non-members

For more information, visit:

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