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Announcements (Alberta): Introducing the Artstrek 2018 Play of Study

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Announcements (Alberta): Introducing the Artstrek 2018 Play of Study

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Theatre Alberta is excited to announce that the Artstrek 2018 play of study will be Shakespeare’s towering tragedy Macbeth. This compelling play explores the dangers of uninhibited ambition and its consequences. Macbeth is, at first, a hero – renowned for his service to his king and country. When he hears a prophecy that declares that he will one day become king a fatal fire is lit within him. The flames are stoked by the manipulative Lady Macbeth who is determined that nothing will impede their path to greatness. Apart, morality may have prevented them from taking action. Together, they cut a bloody path through anything and anyone that stands in their way.

Shakespeare’s atmospheric script is the perfect vehicle for instructors and students to discover the creative possibilities of theatre. Over the course of each exploration students will be led on an examination of all elements of theatre production.

Macbeth offers the chance to explore some big theatrical challenges in acting, movement, design and text study,” says Artstrek Curriculum Director Glenda Stirling. “Besides that – how much fun is diving into a world with stage combat, ghosts, witches and a forest on the move?!

Immerse yourself in the world of Shakespeare’s most notorious ‘power-couple’ and unleash your artistic ambitions!

Registration for Artstrek 2018 will open on April 3. Students may wish to find a community sponsor to assist in covering fees. A list of potential sponsors will be available on our Community Sponsorship page. Check in frequently for updates. Theatre Alberta also offers scholarships to students seeking assistance. For more information on scholarship please visit our Fees and Assistance page.


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