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Audition (Calgary): Seagull – Theatre Disponibilité

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Audition (Calgary): Seagull – Theatre Disponibilité




Although often seen as a museum relic Chekhov’s The Seagull is a timeless masterpiece capable transcending its socio-historical roots. In this exciting new adaptation Theatre Disponibilité proposes to revitalize this classic by transposing the setting to a 21st Century organic farm on the edge of Lake Joseph. Although the text will be given a distinctive Canadian flavour, the characters, events and love interests remain unchanged. We seek a cast eager to work as an ensemble and discover the oft missed comedic dimension of Chekhov’s plays.


This play will run from the 27th Feb-3rd March 2018. Equity members will be seen first at auditions, and all cast members will be engaged under an Equity contract.
Audition dates: Saturday 6th January 2018 from 1-5 pm (video submissions possible for those out of town over the holiday period).
Audition venue: to be confirmed.
Rehearsal dates: 5th February-23rd February
Production dates: February 27th – March 3rd
Production location: The Motel, Arts Commons
Please combine headshot and resume in one pdf file and email to with the name of the character you wish to submit for in the subject line. Sides will be emailed in advance.


Arkadina (40-55): An ageing theatre actress and mother of Kostantin, sister of Sorin, lover of Trigorin. Fears aging, loss of fame/admiration and holdig onto her younger lover. Selfish and oblivious to others needs.

Polina (40’S): Wife of Shamrayev and mother of Masha. Has a long running love affair with Dorn. Unhappy in life and love, wishes to run away and start life anew with Dorn.

Nina (18-25): A naïve local girl with romantized ideas about the life of artists. Abandons Konstantin to begin an affair with Arkadina’s lover. Independent, strongwilled, passionate and unafraid to take risks.

Masha (20-30): Daughter of Paulina and Shamrayev. Unrequited love for Konstantin has drained her of purpose and direction. Depressive and additive personality.

Konstantin (18-25): Arkadina’s son and love interest of Nina. An aspiring writier struggling to find his voice. Impatient, churlish and impetuous with a constant need of love and approval.

Trigorin (35-50): Highly successful writer and lover of Arkadina. Though well regarded lacks self-worth and constantly seeks affirmation and adoration. Compulsive writer and utterly self-centered.

Dorn (40-50): The local country doctor and womanizer. Smart and intelligent, open to new ideas and experiences.

Sorin (50-60): Konstantin’s Uncle and Arkadina’s brother. Never married but lives on the estate with Konstantin with whom he is close. Kind hearted and interested in others well-being.

Medvedenko (20-30): A schoolteacher constantly worries about finances and status. Madly i love with the disinterested Masha. Bears a lot of responsibility.

Shamrayev (40-50): Father to Masha, husband of Paulina and Sorin’s estate manager. Strong willed, quick tempered and somewhat distant inn his relationships. Likes to control the running of the estate.


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