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News (Alberta): View the 2017 Survey of Albertans on Culture

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News (Alberta): View the 2017 Survey of Albertans on Culture


The Survey of Albertans on Culture and Tourism is a province-wide telephone survey of 1,000 adult Albertans designed to understand participation and public appreciation of arts and culture, tourism, sports, heritage, and recreation. 

Highlight from the survey relating to the arts community are below. You can aslo download the PDF survey presentation report for the 2017 survey results or download information from the report through the Open Alberta Portal, including raw data.

Survey highlights

Albertans engage with the arts

The survey found 86.1% of Albertans either attended arts events or participated in artistic activities in the past twelve months.

Here is an overview of the types of activities Albertans attended:

  • performing arts events – 62.1%
  • community arts festivals, fairs or cultural performances and events – 45.7%​
  • visual arts events at galleries and studios or art exhibitions of things – 35.4%
  • artist talks or lectures about their work – 11.5%​
  • literary events – 10.4%
  • attended any other arts and culture events – 14.2%

Here is an overview of the types of arts events or activities Albertans participated in or performed:

  • made or created any types of visual art – 40.6%
  • been involved in playing an instrument, singing, dancing, acting or performing – 26.8%
  • taken part in an arts related class, workshop or training program – 16.0%
  • written any literary art – 12.4%
  • participated in any other artistic activities – 11.8%

Albertans believe the arts are important


  • 85.8% of adult Albertans think arts and culture make their community a better place to live
  • 80.5% of adult Albertans think arts activities are an important contributor to their quality of life
  • 87.9% of adult Albertans think the government should continue to fund and support arts in Alberta  

The survey sample is representative of Alberta’s adult population. As such, it is a valuable tool as it provides insight into emerging trends and informs decisions by enhancing our understanding of the needs of Albertans.

Download the survey here


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