Library: 2017 Gift-A-Play Donation Campaign

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Library: 2017 Gift-A-Play Donation Campaign


Theatre Alberta Library’s 2017 Gift-A-Play donation campaign has arrived!

Please help to support Canada’s largest fully circulating, independent theatre library by adding new titles to our collection.This year we’ve created two Wish Lists with selections of titles that the we would like to add to the library collection, but could not purchase on this year’s budget: our usual Amazon Wish List; and a new Playwrights Canada Press Wish List with titles for purchase through University of Toronto Press. Ordering from our Playwrights Canada Press list is a great way to directly support this important Canadian publisher and the artists they serve.

These are our Christmas lists and we hope our members and friends are in the gift-giving mood this holiday season! Items selected for Gift-a-Play by our Librarians are often the most engaging and exciting books on the annual acquisitions list. Take a look at what this year’s Wish Lists hold for you!

Thank you so much for your continued support and Happy Holidays from all of us at Theatre Alberta!