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Casting Call (National): Various Roles for feature film and tv series

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Casting Call (National): Various Roles for feature film and tv series



  • Genre: Drama, horror
  • Theme(s): Redemption, Family, Love, Protection.
  • Circa: Present

UNION / NON-UNION all can apply, this is a PAID PROJECT.

Magdalene Moreno (Maggie) (26) Hispanic, beautiful, is Sharon’s (lead) best friend. Although she is very outgoing and loves the company of different men, she is the voice of reason for Sharon. Maggie is a straight talker who has her priorities in order. She loves Sharon and Liam and is very protective of them. She is fun to hang out with and has a very colorful language.  Must know Spanish

Liam Clum (6) Caucasian, is Sharon’s (lead) son. He is mature beyond his years and forgives his mother daily for her indiscretions. He is very perceptive and very imaginative. He realizes that he is just 6 and wants to depend on someone but unfortunately for him, his mother is not the person to depend upon.

  • Must be below 9 Years of Age, younger the better
  • Must be able to take instructions well and keep straight/no expression face, we will expect support from Guardians as well.

Nick Foley (32) Caucasian, is Sharon’s (lead) boyfriend. He is a lean and short guy who looks younger than his years. He has a very innocent face but piercing eyes. Nick is always looking for short cuts in life and looks out for only his convenience. He hates Liam and thinks of him as a competitor (as he has to share Sharon with him).


  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Theme(s): Redemption, Family, Love, Multi-Ethnic.
  • Circa: Present

Shiny Oberoi (23) East Indian – Once upon a time, Bollywood was Shiny’s life, she love how the films celebrated love. Acting in a Bollywood film was all that she wanted, and her fairy tale did have its climactic moment… but what she was thinking of as a boon, turned out to be a curse. She fell in love with the mega star ROHAN KAPOOR and totally lost her footing. Her Bollywood career died out as soon as it had started, leaving her depressed and bitter. After a lot of setbacks and a nasty break-up, Shiny had to come back to Calgary to live with her parents. She hates Bollywood now, or actually everything that reminds her of India. She has stuffed her monsters in a closet and locked it from outside.

For Audition Script, please email head shots and demo reel at
Phone 403-383-1889


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