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Workshop (Edmonton): Mile Zero Dance presents: Authentic Movement

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Workshop (Edmonton): Mile Zero Dance presents: Authentic Movement


Mile Zero Dance (MZD) is thrilled to have Tedi Tafel leading an Authentic Movements workshop on December 11-15 (12 PM to 3 PM).

This 5-day workshop in Authentic Movement will investigate the fundamentals of the practice; moving, witnessing, writing and shared dialogue. Authentic Movement is a self-directed, physical exploration that sees the body not as an object to be trained but as the very site of intelligence, imagination and perception. Classes are geared to artists of all disciplines (dancers, writers, actors, visual artists…) as well as those simply desiring greater freedom and truthful connection.

The structure is simple: a mover moves with eyes closed in the presence of a witness. Our research will begin as movers, exploring what it means to listen for and embody impulses that arise from our connection to sensation and our moment-to-moment attention to direct, unshaped, experience. By cultivating the capacity and the trust to follow our sensory/kinesthetic impulses into physical form, we learn to bring consciousness to the layers of our creative and personal truths. As we integrate the practice of witnessing, we’ll learn to bring a more receptive, compassionate and mindful attention to the mover recognizing and working with the obstacles that can obscure the clear seeing of another. Speaking and writing, learning to connect language to direct, felt experience, will be gradually introduced into the sessions.

Rooted in expressive dance, Jungian psychology and eastern thought AM looks to the body as source and inspiration. The practice is a support for and often a doorway into the creative process, to that part of making and being that requires an open, non-judgmental awareness and a willingness to stay in the unknown. Leaving aside for the time being our desire to invent, to direct, to be creative, we learn instead to listen and allow, paying attention to what our body is asking of us, to what it has to say in the moment.

About the instructor:
Tedi Tafel is a Montreal-based choreographer and teacher. As an artist, she creates site-specific performance events that acknowledge and celebrate our human intimacy with the surrounding world. As a teacher, Tedi believes deeply in the intelligence of the body and the necessity of learning to listen to the wisdom contained within. Her formal study of Authentic Movement began in 1994 guided by two of the forms most eminent teachers, Janet Adler and Judith Koltai. She has given workshops across the country and was the principal movement instructor at the National Theatre School of Canada from 2001-2013.

$150 for the full week

Tickets for Authentic Movement can be bought on EventBrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mile-zero-dance-presents-authentic-movement-with-tedi-tafel-tickets-38598965545


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