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The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Auditions (Calgary): Intermediate & Advanced Dancers – EDJE Dance Theatre

Auditions (Calgary): Intermediate & Advanced Dancers – EDJE Dance Theatre



EDJE Dance Theatre is welcoming intermediate-advanced and advanced dancers to attened our Company rehearsal on Monday, October 2 from 6:30pm-9:00pm as we look to add 1-2 more dancers to our company.

EDJE premiers a new, full-length contemporary dance work of our own each year, as well as perform at weddings, parties, charities events and galas in various styles – musical theatre, 1920’s jazz, Fosse, contemporary, latin, hip hop, and more!

THIS YEAR: The Trial of Tempel Anneka (January 2018)
This piece will be rooted in the only fully recorded testimony of a 16th century witch trial in existence. We will be exploring the historical climate in which these events took place, while connecting to present-day iterations of the “witch hunt” and scapegoating of women in politics, the applications of mob mentality and us vs them thinking today, and generally commenting on the historical oppression and control of women – and where the remnants of these attitudes are still found today in our society. By pairing historical and present day realities, we hope to deepen the dialogue and pose provocative questions to our audience.

Check out our newest promo video from the last two seasons of EDJE Dance Theatre:

And please visit to learn more about us and the company.

Email to attend class and/or for more info!


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