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Announcement (Alberta): Arts Management Systems sponsors Theatre Alberta’s 2017/2018 Playbill

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Announcement (Alberta): Arts Management Systems sponsors Theatre Alberta’s 2017/2018 Playbill



Theatre Alberta is proud to welcome Arts Management Systems as our newest supporter!

Theatre Alberta’s Playbill has been evolving and growing to accommodate the incredible amount of theatre companies and productions across the province each year. This year’s poster—which is soon to be delivered to members, theatre companies, schools, and libraries across Alberta—includes information about 252 theatre companies and 440 productions and festivals happening during the 2017/2018 theatre season. For the past few years the Playbill poster has featured advertisements to help us provide the service, but we were running out of space, even with its new double-sided design.

Enter centre stage Arts Management Systems, a LOCAL ticketing and data management company that many of you already know and love! Arts Management Systems is generously sponsoring this year’s Playbill, which has helped Theatre Alberta ensure everyone can be included on the poster alongside some of our favourite production photos from last season!

Theatre Alberta community theatre members will also be able to catch Arts Management Systems at our upcoming Community Theatre Summit—March 23-25, 2018—produced in partnership with Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and Calgary-ACTS.

More About Arts Management Systems

Arts Management Systems (“ArtsMan” to their friends and clients) is the creative genius behind the Theatre Manager Customer Relationship Management software and the Ticket Trove app. Theatre Manager’s roots trace back to 1985 when it was built to support sales and information needs for StoryBook Theatre in Calgary! Since then, many Alberta venues and hundreds across North America actively use Theatre Manager to help grow and manage all aspects of their operations.

The team at ArtsMan listened for over 32 years and implemented many feature requests to support customers. TM is simply the most fully featured CRM available in the market. The ticketing, development, pass, gift certificate, and facility management tools process nearly three quarters of a billion in commerce annually for venues at a fraction of the cost of any other service (there are no ticket fees) while simultaneously capturing more marketing data for analysis and decision making.

Their goal: give venues the tools they need so that can keep all their hard-earned revenue.

Read Theatre Manager Testimonials here.
Visit Arts Management Systems online at


This new partnership is also supported by Business for the Arts’ artsVest program, which provides matching incentives for arts sponsorships. If you’re interested in sponsoring any of Theatre Alberta’s programs or services, please contact Keri Mitchell, Executive Director, at


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