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News (Calgary): Creative Calgary Campaign: Advocating for the Arts in Calgary

News (Calgary): Creative Calgary Campaign: Advocating for the Arts in Calgary


Dear fellow artists and arts organizations,

We all know the arts represent the soul of a city – making cities more livable, interesting, and inspirational for all citizens and our children to grow and achieve their full potential through lessons, classes, performances, and creative interactions. 

But in Calgary, funding for artists and arts organizations is reaching a breaking point. Calgary’s municipal support for arts organizations is the lowest among comparable cities in Canada

Creative Calgary is a non-partisan campaign that is working to be part of the solution. We understand the intrinsic value of the arts and the role a vibrant arts sector plays in laying the foundation for Calgary’s creative economy. 

The 2017 municipal campaign offers a considerable opportunity for members of Calgary’s arts community to advocate for a game-changing investment in the arts. That’s why we’re writing to ask you to join the campaign with three ways to get involved. 

  1. Join our communications list. Creative Calgary will send you visual assets that you can use to help spread the word about the campaign. (We recommend you also add a member of your communications team to the distribution.) We’ll also provide updated information about the campaigns progress and when possible, work with you to help promote your work.
  2. Save the Date: September 11, is the final City Council meeting. Creative Calgary is planning an event in conjunction with this meeting and is inviting arts advocates and supporters to join us.
  3. Join the Creative Calgary Advisory Group. Our leadership team welcomes new members to help us shape this campaign. 

Click here to sign on and tell us how you want to get involved!

If you sign up, we’ll be sure to keep you informed of the campaign’s progress by a weekly ‘Arts Sector Connect’ newsletter in which you will receive: 

  • Direct notification of upcoming Creative Calgary events and community engagements.
  • Timely information about the campaigns progress in engaging municipal candidates.
  • Easy access to Creative Calgary materials to help you engage your network in this cause.

Sign up here or email Cindy Soderstrom at

We look forward to championing the cause with you and all our creative sector colleagues. together we can ensure Creative Calgary’s message is heard by candidates this election and secure commitment for a game-changing investment in the arts. 


Irfhan Rawji and Mary Rosa de Coquet
Creative Sector Supporters, on behalf of Creative Calgary Advisory Group members

Team Creative Calgary



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