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What’s On (Edmonton): SubArctic Improv Season Opener – Mile Zero Dance

What’s On (Edmonton): SubArctic Improv Season Opener – Mile Zero Dance



Mile Zero Dance Presents: SubArctic Improv & Experimental Arts #19

Mile Zero Dance’s SubArctic Improv & Experimental Art Series of interdisciplinary, improvisational, and experimental work is opening up its 2017/18 season on Friday, September 8 with a talented group of artists.

These established artists must perform together—across different media and sometimes having never met before—to collaborate cross-disciplinarily into uncharted territory. A treat for anyone who thinks that they have seen it all!

Friday, September 8 – start time 8pm
Location: Spazio Performativo, 10816 95 St, Edmonton, AB
Cost: $15 (or best offer)

The performers involved in the September performance include:

Jeannie Vandekerkhove (dance)
Mark Ikeda (dance)
Raylene Campbell (music)
Pyramid//Indigo (music)
Jennifer Rae Forsyth (visual art)
Alice Major (text)

About Mile Zero Dance

Mile Zero Dance Society (MZD) is a contemporary dance company that creates and produces original dynamic interdisciplinary works focusing on performance, collaboration, community outreach, and training.

About SubArctic Improv

Co-curated by Jen Mesch and Allison Balcetis, these unique events combine forces of local and visiting artists who share with the audience a mélange of dance, visual art, music, and text.


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