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Library: Read Abby Webb’s Purple Play Picks – Theatre Alberta

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Library: Read Abby Webb’s Purple Play Picks – Theatre Alberta


Doug Mertz has received his July book bag curated by Abby Webb.

Purple Play Club

Butcher by Nicolas Billon: An old man in a military uniform and a Santa hat is dumped at the police station. He doesn’t speak English, and a lawyer’s business card is baited on the meat hook that hangs on his neck. As a lawyer, a police officer and a translator struggle to unravel the truth, they uncover a past that won’t stay buried, and a decades-old quest for justice that must be served.

The Secret Annex by Alix Sobler: Anne Frank has survived the war, and at age 25, she’s ready to start a new chapter in New York City. Eager to publish a memoir of her time in hiding, Anne is sure it will launch her career as a writer. But when the only interested publisher suggests drastic rewrites, Anne is unsure of what to do. Everyone around her seems to be able to move on and recover from the war, but her inability to make her voice heard forces Anne to question the meaning of her new life. Why did she survive, if not to share stories?

The White Rose by Lillian Groag: In 1942 a group of students of the University of Munich chose to actively protest the atrocities of the Nazi regime and to advocate that Germany lose the war as the only way to overthrow Hitler’s regime. Asking for resistance and sabotage of the war effort, among other things, they published their thoughts in five separate anonymous leaflets, which they titled “The White Rose” and which were distributed throughout Germany and Austria during the summer of 1942 and the winter of 1943.

August: Osage County by Tracy Letts: When their patriarch vanishes, the Weston clan must return to their three-story home in rural Oklahoma to get to the heart of the matter.

Abby Webb

Originally from Winnipeg, MB, Abby moved to Grande Prairie, AB in 2010. She quickly became involved in local theatre by working backstage. She took on many volunteer roles over the next few years, learning all aspects of producing a show including Stage Manager, Assistant Director, Director, and eventually on stage as a performer. She is currently the President of the Grande Prairie Live Theatre.  When she is not volunteering at the theatre, she makes her living as a Speech-Language Pathologist working to rehabilitate people following a stroke. 


~ Elise, Library Assistant

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