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Auditions (Greater Edmonton Area): Independent Production

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Auditions (Greater Edmonton Area): Independent Production


Kelly grew up in a world where self defense, and challenge were a first language. Where gut reaction and never reaching for happiness was expected. Until she meets Dillon her future husband. He teaches her about confidence, fearlessness, and vulnerability. Inevitably they fall in love and create a family. Confidence is a tricky thing and can be a double edged sword, because now that she knows it’s ok to “want more” she goes for it, falls in love with the film industry, and forgets her family and the very man who gave her the confidence to pursue her passion. At first he is happy for her, and is excited for her, until it’s too much. He starts to resent the time away, and starts to fight for their family. Kelly can’t see that, all she sees is that he is trying to take this away from her. Will Kelly understand before it’s too late? Will she be able to find The Balance?

This play is not that straight forward, there is a few twists at the end that no one will see coming.

This is paid, but it is a percentage of the profits. This will be discussed with each individual when they are offered a role.

The character breakdowns are as follows:

Kelly: 18-26 LEAD

Raised by a single mom, she has grown up in an unkind world. With a mother that was just trying to live her life and really didn’t want to be a mom, Kelly learned that “love” meant being hurtful. She grows up thinking broken families, hurtful words, and adult predators are a natural thing, and families with both parents where they want their kids are a thing of the past, or just something you see in movies. Resilient, friendly and caring Kelly never tried to let her past affect her. Then she met Dillon and her whole world changed. He was a different kind of man that in a sense, rescued her from her harsh reality. He changes her life for the better, even when she fights it.

Dillon: 19-26 SECOND LEAD

Raised polar opposite of Kelly. Dillon grew up with both parents who loved and invested in him and his siblings. Growing up, he was a thoughtful and empathetic person and because of this his priorities remain with his family, and the people he cares about. His love is loyal and when he met Kelly, he had no idea the ride he was in for. Still, he loves her and only wants her to be happy, to feel protected, and appreciate his wisdom. He is unparalleled in his ability to provide perspective and his patience with everyone, especially Kelly.

Regina: 30-50 SUPPORTING

She knows people’s place in life and she makes sure they stay there. She is a child of traumatic upbringing. While she knew she didn’t want to do to Kelly what her parents did to her, she didn’t know how to do better. So she did what she could. She knew that she let Kelly down at almost every turn. Still she kept making sure not to do to Kelly what was done to her.

Solange: 19-26 SUPPORTING

She is Kelly’s BFF. They grew up together. She knows kelly’s story, and though hers is similar, she was better off. Solange knows this, and only wishes that Kelly could see herself as she does. Working in film Solange found her passion, and only wishes that Kelly could do the same. In reality Solange wishes she had what Kelly has with Dillon and knows that there is an unbalance in her life.

Donny: 19-26 SUPPORTING

He is Kellys best male friend. He knows about Kellys past, and can relate. Donny grew up in a home with a dad who couldn’t accept the fact that he’s gay. He and Kelly found each other in grade 9, and they have been nearly inseparable since.

Tempest Dillons Mom: 30-60 (will age right person, must be able to cry, as this role requires a complete scream/cry) SUPPORTING

This is Dillons mom. She loves her son, and he is the apple of her eye. She didn’t like many of the girls that Dillon brought home, but she likes Kelly. As his mom, she tries to be there for him when he falls. She feels like he protects her, and she is the only one in the world she will listen to.

Dillon’s Dad: Greg 40-60 (CAST ALREADY)

Dillons dad has made many mistakes with Dillon, but never stopped trying to be the best role model he can be.

Solomon: 29-40 Few lines, would also need to double as a thug.

A high powered, and an insanely successful producer. He has built an empire, and the most important thing to him is providing for his family. Making sure they are safe, provided for, and they never have to worry. Somewhere along the line, he lost sight of what he was doing this all for.

Jo: 26-40 ONE LINE, but prominent in the ending

Solomons wife, she loves Solomon to the point she can barely breath. She adores him, and he is her hero. She feels him pulling away. No matter what she’s done, she just can’t seem to break through to him. She has made her final effort with Solomon, and she is leaving the rest to him.

Stella: 6-8 (double as Jo and Solomon’s Child) FEW SIMPLE LINES

Dillon and Kelly’s daughter

Max: 3 yrs or so. NO LINES.

Dillon and Kelly’s son. (double as Jo and Solomon’s Child)

Denise: 20-50

Solomons secretary. Few lines at the end, but is sort of a catalyst. Also appears in the final scenes.

Director: 20-40 yrs (double as thug and in the ending) there are a few lines)

PA : 18-25 yrs (double as thug and in ending) there are few lines.

We need stage hands as well! 🙂

1. Please note that even though this is a stage performance, everyone is welcome to apply!
2. Please be advised this is non-union, however union members are welcome to apply.
3. Auditions dates and location will be sent to those selected for an audition.
4. Show dates are projected for spring 2018 and possible before Christmas 2017.
5.Rehearsals will start AFTER the Fringe! Starting with character developments 🙂

Please send headshot and resume and preferred role by AUG 15 2017 to Christina Estillore
Later submissions may be accepted if we don’t find the right people.


Theatre Alberta does not necessarily endorse the organizations and/or individuals submitting Classified listings on our site. It is the responsibility of each patron using the Theatre Alberta Classifieds to research the integrity of the organizations who submit listings to which they are applying/responding and to verify specific information, especially pertaining to the job/audition listings and youth listings.

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