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Library: Read Kate Newby’s Purple Play Picks – Theatre Alberta

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Library: Read Kate Newby’s Purple Play Picks – Theatre Alberta


Doug Mertz has received his June book bag curated by Kate Newby.

Purple Play Picks

Such Creatures by Judith Thompson: A young inner-city girl is on the cusp of the biggest fight of her young life. An elderly woman remembers her youth as a Polish Jew scrapping for survival in an internment camp. Both emanate unbelievable power and find strength through childhood memories of Shakespeare. Two characters and two monologues, tied together across time and place, their stories a candid pursuit of hope and empathy, even in the face of an unbelievably cruel world. 

Kill Me Now by Brad Fraser: When Joey enters puberty, his father Jake finds himself in a morally ambiguous position. Joey is severely disabled, but he still has the same sexual desires as any seventeen-year-old boy, only he can’t do anything to relieve the tension. Jake is a widower whose life is devoted to his son, but when he suddenly develops a serious medical condition, he becomes the one to rely on the people around him, including his sister Twyla, his friend Robyn, and Joey’s best friend Rowdy. As Jake’s condition worsens, an ethical dilemma troubles the household as everyone is forced to consider the possibility of saying goodbye.

The Drowning Girls by Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic: Bessie, Alice, and Margaret have two things in common: they are married to George Joseph Smith, and they are dead. Surfacing from the bathtubs they were drowned in, the three breathless brides gather evidence against their womanizing, murderous husband by reliving the shocking events leading up to their deaths.

Kate also recommends The Sound of Cracking Bones by Suzanne Lebeau, translated by Julia Duchesne and John Van Burek.

Kate NewbyKate Newby is a Calgary based award-winning director, actor, and festival curator whose work in new play development and the staging of contemporary plays has appeared on numerous stages across western Canada. Kate has received five theatre awards and eighteen nominations for directing, acting and production. She holds a BFA Acting degree from The University of Alberta and an MFA Directing degree from The University of Calgary. Kate is currently the Artistic Producer at Handsome Alice Theatre in Calgary.

~ Elise, Library Assistant

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