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Auditions (Edmonton): Storyhive Music Video – The Distillery Film Company Ltd.

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Auditions (Edmonton): Storyhive Music Video – The Distillery Film Company Ltd.

Casting Call: Paid, Non-Union for Mohsin Zaman’s “Fly Home”

Directed by: Gordie Haakstad and Chris Beauchamp
Produced by: The Distillery Film Company Ltd. 
Music by: Mohsin Zaman
Funded by: Storyhive

Audition Dates: Saturday, May 27, 2017, and as arranged.
Shooting Dates: June 14 – 21, in and around Edmonton (approx. three days shooting per principal character).

Deadline to submit: June 10, 2017.

To submit for an audition: Email with:

  • Current headshot,
  • Resume and/or link to a demo reel,
  • Along with the role(s) you would like to be considered for.

We will contact applicants to schedule in-person auditions for Saturday, May 27 in Edmonton. Location: TBD. We may schedule in-person auditions in Grande Prairie as needed.

Below are character breakdowns for each of the PAID roles.

  • Stipend is $200 per principal role; $50 per supporting role.
  • Expect to be available for approximately one to three shooting days June 14-21.
  • Principal roles will need to be available for a 2-day bus shoot to be scheduled June 14-16, as well as approximately 1 – 2 additional shoots in or around Edmonton.
  • Supporting roles will require approximately a half to a full day of shooting.

Unpaid Background Talent roles are also available, with credits included.

OVERVIEW: The music video for Fly Home will tell the stories of a diverse group of characters connected by the shared experience of a cross-province bus ride. By delving into the back stories of a group of passengers sharing a journey from B.C. to Edmonton, Fly Home will explore universal human themes of journey, new beginnings, homecoming, commonality/diversity, and change.

Though their reasons for travel are as diverse as their backgrounds, each character faces big changes in their lives.


  • CALVIN: Elderly Male – 60s, or older. An elderly man returning home after after a special trip to spread his wife’s ashes in the mountains.
  • MICKEY: College Female – late teens, early 20s. A college student taking the first leg of a backpacking trip.
  • MOHAMMAD: Syrian Refugee Father – 30s or 40s, Middle Eastern. A newly arrived father on the last leg of his journey to being reunited with his wife and children—who made it to Canada two long years ago.
  • AIMEE: Single Mother – late 20s / early 30s. A mother bringing her young son on a journey to change cities and escape an abusive relationship. Her focus is on keeping the trip fun amid an uncertain new beginning.
  • RYLEY: Young Son – looks 11. A young son traveling with his mother to escape an abusive relationship. Ryley is trying to put on a strong face and help his Mom through this transition.
  • GARY: Working-class Male – 30s to 50s. A loner on the bus. A rough-edged forestry worker, heading home from his isolated job in BC to spend time off with his husband. Must be comfortable with simple physical affection (hugging/kissing) with another male. ***A previous version of this character description contained problematic, but unintentional language. Both the original poster and the Theatre Alberta staff would like to apologize for not noticing the error earlier***


  • AIMEE’S FATHER: Male – 60s or older
  • AIMEE’S MOTHER: Female – 60s or older
  • AIMEE’S HUSBAND: Male – 30s
  • MOHAMMAD’S WIFE: Female – 30s or 40s
  • MOHAMMAD’S SON or DAUGHTER: Male or Female – looks 8-12
  • GARY’S HUSBAND PAUL: Male – 30s to 40s. Must be comfortable with simple physical affection (hugging/kissing) with another male.

Photo credit: Mohsin Zaman by Beauchamp Photography.

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