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What’s On (Calgary): Premiere of “Little Red” – Major Matt Mason Collective & Ghost River Theatre

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What’s On (Calgary): Premiere of “Little Red” – Major Matt Mason Collective & Ghost River Theatre

Little Red, Major Matt Mason Collective & Ghost River TheatreWorld Premiere! Bold retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood” fairy tale.

The Major Matt Mason Collectivewith the support of Ghost River Theatre, presents “LITTLE RED”

In an age of redefined ideas, and awareness surrounding sexuality and gender, LITTLE RED is a visceral reimagining of the traditional fairy tale that asks:


Youth, violence, sexuality, family, and growing up. Brought to you by some of Calgary’s most notable creative renegades, LITTLE RED is a bold new retelling of the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairy tale set against a modern landscape. Three years in the making, the ensemble of Major Matt Mason Collective members led by Ghost River Theatre’s Artistic Director Eric Rose come together to present the final chapter of this highly theatrical devised creation.

From the badlands of Rosebud where the creative process started to its current home at the West Village Theatre, we follow the red path through the deep dark woods all the way to Grandmother’s house. But in signature MMMC and GRT style, this is a far cry from the children’s story you may remember. Caught between parents, friends, and a young woman’s ideas of what she wants to be, LITTLE RED explores why this story has pervaded across countless cultures and generations and what it means to continue to tell it. What dangers lurk now in the darkness with today’s landscape of identity and consent? And more importantly: how do we find our way back to safety once the wolves have come and gone? “I am thrilled we are finally at the culmination of years of work with the tenacious, exciting, and badass artists of Major Matt Mason,” says Rose. “It’s been a long process of exploding open the mythology and asking difficult questions about modern pursuits for identity and the consequences of daring to deviate from society’s expectations.”

Join us as we tackle the myth, the monster, and the aftermath.

When: May 30 – June 11, 2017.
Where: West Village Theatre 

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