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Announcement (Edmonton): Penny Ritco Leaving – Citadel Theatre

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Announcement (Edmonton): Penny Ritco Leaving – Citadel Theatre

Penny RitcoExecutive Director Penny Ritco to leave Citadel

Excerpted from: Shocker: the outstanding Penny Ritco is leaving the Citadel
– Liz Nicholls,12thNight.ca, March 15, 2017

“One of the country’s most accomplished, astute, and respected theatre leaders, Ritco will stay on at the Citadel through a transition period, through summer and into fall, as the search begins for a replacement in the demanding ED job at the helm of a 51-year-old company with a $12 million a year budget.

The Citadel’s new artistic director Daryl Cloran, who’s been working with Ritco now for nearly a year, paid tribute to her “visionary leadership. “She believes so fully in this company, this city, and the transformative power of art, and she has worked tirelessly to ensure the Citadel is a place where art can thrive. ” Board president Sheila Witwicky says “Penny has played a critical role in ensuring the Citadel’s ongoing success and vitality in our community.”

“Thirteen years of being ON seven days a week, a building to run, people, it’s a huge responsibility,” says Ritco. “Theatre is changing. And I’d like to be part of creating and producing its new forms. Theatre is more and more artist-led..And they need someone to teach them how to be viable.”

” If there’s a place for me (in that), in a role that isn’t quite as all-consuming….” says Ritco, a graduate of the National Theatre School whose entry point into theatre was as a stage manager, producer and tour manager before she went into TV and film at the National Film Board, Great North Productions, and Alliance Atlantis. The Citadel job, which reunited Ritco with Baker — they met when he was acting and she was stage managing at Stratford — brought Ritco back to her first love. “Live theatre,” she declares firmly, “is where my heart is.”

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