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What’s On (Calgary/Edmonton): “Soliciting Temptation” – Sage Theatre & Shadow Theatre

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What’s On (Calgary/Edmonton): “Soliciting Temptation” – Sage Theatre & Shadow Theatre

Soliciting TemptationGlimpse into Hidden World of Sexual Tourism

Sage Theatre, in conjunction with Edmonton’s Shadow Theatre, presents Soliciting Temptation by Erin Shields.

Dates: February 23 – March 4, Pumphouse Theatre, Calgary | Tickets
Dates: March 8 – 26, Varscona Theatre, Edmonton | Tickets

Erin Shields’s 2015 Soliciting Temptation gives audiences a glimpse into the hidden world of underage sexual tourism. When an unnamed, middle-aged white Man (Matthew Overall) meets a likewise unnamed young – possibly too young – eastern Girl (Patricia Cerra), we are offered a fictional slice of this dark practice. What begins as a seeming rendezvous between consenting individuals quickly takes an unexpected turn as the Girl seizes control of the situation and declares herself the swift hand of justice, threatening to reveal the Man as a pedophile and sexual tourist, destroying his credibility, career and life. Behind closed doors, intimate details and revelations from the past come to light and, through this encounter, we explore seismic shifts of power, class and privilege in creative and engaging ways.

Soliciting Temptation is one of the most daring and provocative stories we’ve told to date. Couched in the difficult topic of underage sexual tourism, the play still bravely portrays both the Man and the Girl as complicated and flawed; even as each defend their individual points of view, we see their innate weaknesses and humanity,” says Jason Mehmel, Artistic Director, Sage Theatre. “Erin Shields’s ground-breaking work provides us with the opportunity to explore our own societal and class-related privilege. It’s my hope that audiences come away from this experience not with answers, but rather as more deeply engaged in the questions.”

CAST: Matthew Overall and Patricia Cerra.

CREATIVE TEAM: Director: Jason Mehmel; Stage Manager: Jenn Best; Set Design: Kathryn Smith; Lighting Design: David Smith.

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