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Event (Edmonton): Shakespeare Sunday – The Malachites

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Event (Edmonton): Shakespeare Sunday – The Malachites

Shakespeare Sundays at The CitadelShakespeare Sunday- November 27th Hamlet, The Bad Quarto

Shakespeare Sunday is a monthly series of play-readings dedicated to exploring some of the bard’s less familiar work in a collaborative, fun and enlightening environment.


  • Meet new friends & connect with your local theatre community,
  • Explore some of Shakespeare’s less familiar works as you read through a new play each month,
  • Step into your dream roles & uncover new ones,
  • Discover new speeches, scenes & situations useful for audition & rehearsal,
  • Improve your natural verse speaking and confidence with the help of seasoned Shakespeareans in a casual atmosphere,
  • Share insight & research surrounding the text to deepen our understanding of the play. From critical research to historical context to groundbreaking popular stage productions, our in-depth mini lecture builds a strong foundation of insight to guide you through the play, deepen your understanding & inspire further learning outside the room.

This event is open to everyone regardless of experience. Attendance is only $5 per person and we ask that all participants bring a snack to share with the group. Please register your attendance in advance via email at


“To be or not to be, I, there’s the point,
To die, to sleep, is that all? I all,
No, to sleep, to dream, I marry, there it goes,
For in that dream of death, when we awake,
And borne before an everlasting Judge
From whence no passenger ever returned…”

Not sounding quite right? The text of Hamlet was first published in 1603, but these are not the lines which would become the most famous in the history of theatre. The First Quarto of Shakespeare’s Hamlet contains many wild variations from the text we recognize today, including Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” speech. The clunky and poorly constructed First Quarto has therefore earned the undesirable nickname, “The Bad Quarto”. It’s almost as if someone’s trying to remember Hamlet’s existential soliloquy from memory- an audience member, or a great admirer of Shakespeare’s or Burbage’s perhaps? There are many theories surround its authorship, including one that points towards a player from within the company who may have played Marcellus; his lines are set down almost perfectly.

Join The Malachites for November’s edition of Shakespeare Sunday as we explore the fascinating differences between the oft dismissed “Bad Quarto” and the infamous Folio edition of Hamlet.

PLEASE NOTE: You must pre-register for this session via email as we will be sending out online texts of “The Bad Quarto” prior to the event. There will be no hard copies of that text available on the day. We encourage you to bring a copy of the Folio Hamlet as well for comparison. ​

WHERE: The Citadel Theatre, Board Room.
WHEN: 1 – 5pm, November 27, 2016.
FEE: $5 per person.

Check out for more about The Malachites, Shakespeare Sunday, and all our exciting events!

Photo: Shakespeare Sundays at The Citadel.

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