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Library: Read Mieko Ouchi’s Purple Play Picks

Library: Read Mieko Ouchi’s Purple Play Picks


As part of the Purple Play Club, held this September, we asked participants to share pictures of themselves reading around the community. Those who did were entered to win a yearlong subscription to curated library bags delivered to their door each month. A big CONGRATS to Doug Mertz for taking home the prize!

Doug received his first bag this week (curated by Mieko Ouchi) and we would like to share it with you!

Mieko wanted to highlight culturally diverse & local writers. Here is what she picked!


The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble by Beth Graham – This play was developed here in Edmonton as part of the Playwrights Forum at the Citadel and was nominated for a Governor General’s Award in 2014. It is an incredibly moving and emotional family drama, done with a light touch as only Beth can do

Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad – The Tarragon Theatre’s production of this play was presented in Edmonton at the Citadel a few years back, but the writing continues to haunt me. Wajdi was previously the head of the National Arts Centre – French Theatre and continues to be a leading voice in Quebec. This play is translated by Linda Gaboriau, one of Canada’s top translators.

The Secret Mask by Rick Chafe – I saw this play at the Globe Theatre and just loved it!

The bag also included a BONUS PLAY

I Am For You by Mieko Ouchi – This is Mieko’s newest play – available only on October 21. Doug is going to be the first Theatre Alberta member to crack the spine, but reserve it now to be added to the waitlist!

miekodiningroom8x10Mieko Ouchi is an Edmonton-based actor, writer and director, working in theatre, film and TV. She is also a co-founder and Artistic Director of Concrete Theatre. Mieko’s work spans everything from Theatre for Young Audiences to large scale adult work, often exploring issues around diversity and the artist’s process and involves a mixing of the techniques, vocabulary and imagery of theatre and film. Her first full-length play, The Red Priest (Eight Ways To Say Goodbye) was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Drama, winning the Carol Bolt Award in 2005.

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