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Job (Calgary): Assistant Facilitator, Community Drama Program – Inside Out Theatre

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Job (Calgary): Assistant Facilitator, Community Drama Program – Inside Out Theatre

Inside Out Theatre

Facilitate community drama programs for adults with disabilities through a supported experience

Timeframe: Wednesday mornings, January 4 – February 8; 11:00am-12:00pm.

  • Must be available for either January 4-18 consecutively, January 25-February 8 consecutively, or all six sessions.

Rate: $50/hour.
Location: Universal Rehabilitation Services Agency (URSA), 808 Manning Rd NE, Calgary, AB.

Deadline to submit: November 1, 2016.

What you will do: The Assistant Facilitator position is part of Inside Out’s Paid & Purposeful Mentorship Program. This position is meant to introduce a theatre artist to facilitating community drama programs for adults with disabilities through a supported experience. Under the guidance of a Senior Facilitator you will assist in facilitating an hour long drama session while learning skills in making safe and creative spaces for adults with disabilities, session programming and design, and developing exercises accessible to participants of varying skill level and ability . In addition to learning from the Senior Facilitator you will also learn potentially new-to-you communication skills and alternate ways of engaging with drama from the participants. This position is meant to give you the skills and confidence to lead future programs.

This 10-week drama workshop is hosted by Universal Rehabilitation Services Agency (URSA), participants will be URSA clients who are either rehabilitating after a brain injury or living with a developmental disability.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is Kind and Patient.
  • Has a sincere interest in incorporating disability theatre into their facilitating or artistic practice.
  • Is available for at least three consecutive sessions.
  • Is able to travel to URSA.

Other experiences we’d like to hear about, but are not absolutely required:

  • Experience identifying, or being identified, as disabled.
  • Experience working in drama or arts programs happening in non-theatre settings.
  • Experience working with, living with, and/or being friends with people living with disabilities.
  • Experience with drama facilitation or teaching.

We value Accessibility and Equity: If you are interested in applying but there is a barrier or hurdle holding you back, whether due to a disability or any other reason, please let us know. We will work with you to remove or overcome any barrier you may be facing. We aspire to have our company, it’s employees and volunteers, reflect the community we work with.

About Inside Out Theatre: Inside Out Theatre is a disability theatre company in Calgary. We offer community based drama programs to adults with disabilities that foster a love of theatre, the joy of community, and the rewards of self expression.

We make new plays created by artists with disabilities and their allies that celebrate their valuable place in the public sphere.

And we work to improve accessibility for audience members with disabilities and to ensure their equity and dignity in attending performing arts in Calgary.

Contact: To apply, please e-mail a letter to Col Cseke that explains why you’d like to join us and what about you would make for a great facilitator. You can also attach a resume if you like.

E-mail, or if you prefer, you can call Col at 403-828-4801.

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