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Announcement (Alberta): 25 Influential Alberta Artists – Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Announcement (Alberta): 25 Influential Alberta Artists – Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)

25 Influential Alberta Artists, AFAAFA Celebrates 25 Influential Alberta Artists of the past 25 years

This spring the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) began accepting community nominations to identify 25 Influential Alberta Artists from the past 25 year who have significantly impacted their communities, influenced the development of art and artistic practice in our province, and inspired others to do the same.

Guided by values of inclusivity and diversity of community representation the AFA selected 25 artists who have built artistic practices that influence and inspire. Each of these artists will receive an extended profile in the news feed of the AFA’s website, published weekly starting in November.

Moreover, each artist will select a protégé or emerging artist who will receive an AFA Young Artist Prize, worth $2,500 each. These young artists will receive their awards in 2017 and be revealed weekly in each Influential Artist’s extended profile. Through the AFA Young Artist Prizes, our Influential Alberta Artists will help guide the AFA to build relationships with the next generation of artists who will lead us and the arts community through the next 25 years and beyond.

Congratulations to all of the amazing members of Alberta’s artistic community who have been recognized for their contributions, including the following theatre artists: 

  • Lynda Adams, Theatre and Movement Artist/Educator
  • Bob Baker, Artistic Director Emeritus, Citadel Theatre
  • Narcisse Blood and Michael Green, Co-founders Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society
  • Marty Chan, Novelist and Playwright
  • Darrin Hagen, Writer-Performer
  • Dr. France Levasseur-Ouimet, Songwriter and Playwright

Theatre Alberta extends our heartfelt congratulations to long-standing Board Member Lynda Adams

With a background in dance, movement, and theatre, and a passion for nurturing the creative impulse in young people, Lynda has devoted her considerable artistic talents over the last decade towards teaching, encouraging, programming, and creating performing arts experiences for rural audiences in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

And, a special shout-out to Sharon Stevens, Media Artist, and Executive Director of the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society (AMAAS)!

Click here for the complete list of 25 Influential Alberta Artists (with descriptions).

Click here for the names of all the artists nominated.

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