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AUDITIONS (Airdrie): SPARK Youth Production of “ROBIN HOOD” – Torchlight Theatre

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AUDITIONS (Airdrie): SPARK Youth Production of “ROBIN HOOD” – Torchlight Theatre

Robin HoodSPARK production includes workshops w/ industry professionals

Production Name: ROBIN HOOD by Dan Neidermyer

Show Dates: Friday MARCH 24 & Saturday MARCH 25.

Torchlight Theatre’s SPARK Youth Program is holding auditions for this year’s youth production of ROBIN HOOD! If you are between the ages of 12-16, or know of someone who is, we would love to see you audition for us!

When: October 1, 2016 from 1-3pm

Where: Airdrie Victory Church – 508 3rd AVE SE, AIRDRIE.

Please click here to sign up for your audition.

Synopsis: Join Friar Tuck, the wandering minstrel and man of the cloth, as he introduces you to the Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood! Hear the legendary tale and watch it come to life as you meet Little John, Robin’s right-hand-man, Maid Marian, Robin’s sweetheart and love, and Marian’s dedicated handmaiden, Cassandra. Let’s not forget the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and the despotic monarch King John. It’s an adventure you will not want to miss!

Character Breakdowns: some actors will be playing multiple characters

  • Robin Hood – (120 lines) The nobleman Robin of Locksley, turned outlaw.
  • Lady Marian – (84 lines) A noble lady who becomes Maid Marian and spy for Robin Hood within the Sheriff of Nottigham’s castle.
  • Tomas Allard – (179 lines) The pernicious, greedy and cruel Sheriff of Nottingham who represents the despotic tyrant King John of England.
  • Lord Dunstan – (101 lines) A weak and sniveling nobel underling to the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • Friar Tuck – (10 lines) A wandering minstrel, bard, balladeer, and troubadour, who while re-telling the legend of Robinhood may double as the Bishop of Hereford, Towncrier and Will Scarlet.
  • Bishop of Hereford – (31 lines) Representative of the Church of England. May double with Friar Tuck, Towncrier and Will Scarlet.
  • Towncrier – (1 line) The means of delivering news throughout Medieval England. May double with Friar Tuck, Bishop of Hereford and Will Scarlet.
  • Will Scarlet (6 lines) A nobleman who despises both King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham and becomes an ally to Robin Hood. May double with Friar Tuck, Bishop of Hereford and Towncrier.
  • Little John – (38 lines) A talkative braggart who become one of Robin’s most trusted friends. Cassandra – (19 lines) A servant to Lady Marian.
  • Poor Yeoman – (14 lines) A peasant serf within Nottinghamshire, wrongly accused of poaching the King’s deer in Sherwood Forest.
  • Footman – (5 lines) A servant within the castle who is wrongly accused of being a spy for Robin Hood.
  • Serf – (7 lines)A peasant forced by the Sheriff of Nottingham to pay much higher taxes.

Please click here to sign up for your audition.

Audition Requirements: Please prepare a monologue that is no longer than 2 minutes to best showcase your skills.

Rehearsals Begin: Saturday, October 15 from 10am to 3pm and will run weekly.

Please review rehearsal schedule and commitment before registering for your audition. While a conflict may be accommodated during rehearsals, YOU MUST BE AT TECH WEEK AND ALL PERFORMANCES.

We are excited to add a new element to our SPARK Youth Production this year! We will be bringing in Industry Professionals to run workshops with the students throughout the duration of the program. These workshops will include things like Stage Combat and Voice Work. Because there is a cost associated with bringing in workshops like this, there will be a fee for those students who are selected for the production, in an effort to cover a portion of the workshop costs.

Contact Name: Chelsea Restall at

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