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What’s On (Edmonton): Dance Crush: Sasha Ivanochko & Aaron Lumley – Mile Zero Dance

What’s On (Edmonton): Dance Crush: Sasha Ivanochko & Aaron Lumley – Mile Zero Dance

Mile Zero DanceDance Crush returns for the 2016-17 season on Oct 7 & 8

This season, Mile Zero Dance (MZD) produces four performances with some of our favourite movement-based artists from across Canada. These artists will be sharing their craft through outreach and performances.

In “Objets chantants, chansons en mouvement (Singing objects, moving songs)“, creative duo Aaron Lumley and Sasha Ivanochko explore the possibilities that arise when a dancer and musician take equal and spontaneous initiative in the shaping and development of material in a live performance. Making use of improvisational and open-ended compositional elements, the duet challenges the traditional accompanist/accompanied relationship and instead, creates a dynamic, continuously evolving cross disciplinary dialogue. Working with a no-holds-barred attitude, the duo pushes physical and sonic extremes, emphasizing authenticity and entwinement; the performances of Lumley and Ivanochko are vulnerable, raw and risky. “OCCM” is a powerful visual/musical interrogation of interdependence and collaboration as an anchor within chaos.

Sasha Ivanochko is a Montréal based choreographer, educator and artistic director of Ivanochko et Cie-projets de performance, a company she founded in 2005.

Aaron Lumley (1981, North Bay, Canada) is an adventurous double bassist and improvising musician currently based in Montreal, Quebec.

October 7 & 8 – Sasha Ivanochko & Aaron Lumley (Vancouver/Montreal)
January 13 & 14 – Todd Houseman & Vanessa Cardona (Edmonton/Colombia)
March 2 – 4 – Amelia Ehrhardt (Toronto)
March 30 & April 1 – Nancy Sandercock (Edmonton)

For more information on Mile Zero Dance and Dance Crush, visit

Photo: Image supplied by the artist.

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