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Announcement (Calgary): Rebranded to Showcase Horror Theatre – Theatre BSMT

Announcement (Calgary): Rebranded to Showcase Horror Theatre – Theatre BSMT

Theatre BSMTThe NEW Theatre BSMT

Continuing a tradition of unpredictability, Theatre BSMT has taken a leap in order to make a splash on the Calgary theatre scene. Rebranding with an exclusive focus on showcasing horror theatre, Theatre BSMT aims to give a theatrical ride people can’t and won’t forget. Each production will focus on delivering an experience that has been elusive to theatre audiences, newcomers and seasoned theatregoers alike.

Our New Mandate: Theatre BSMT is a Calgary based theatre company committed to engaging audiences through authentic visceral experiences derived from exploring the art of horror. We strive to fill a niche in our community by presenting new and recently established works that embody the basement: Dark, gritty, dirty and unknown.

Presenting: THE UNDERNEATH by Kelleen Conway Blanchard

Evil Dead 2 meets Jaws 3 in Theatre BSMT‘s presentation of the Canadian Premiere of The Underneath by Kelleen Conway Blanchard. This production is the first under our new mandate committed to delivering authentic, visceral experiences by exploring the art of horror.

About: Something monstrous is bubbling up at the new waterpark. Something icky is making Tina, misunderstood girl genius, uneasy—her little sister Winnie has a piece of tentacle in a jar that hisses, her mom Denise is taking too many pills, and the local Sheriff can’t bake enough crumb cakes to make himself feel better about the body parts washing up on the shore. And just what does the fry cook at Salty’s Sea Palace have in his pants? Welcome to the world of The Underneath.

“A B-Horror movie on stage, The Underneath is prime example of how horror theatre can be an absolute blast. Campy, raunchy, scary and hilarious elements all work together to deliver the perfect Halloween excursion people in Calgary crave.” – Ryan Reese, Artistic Producer

October 6-8, 13, 15 at 7:30pm, and special MIDNIGHT PERFORMANCE on October 14, 2016 at The Mamdani Opera Centre, 1315 7 Street SW.

Tickets are available at the door, or can be reserved by email at

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