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Auditions (Edmonton): Henry V – The Malachites

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Auditions (Edmonton): Henry V – The Malachites


In 1415 on Saint Crispin’s Day, the newly crowned King Henry V of England lead his small band of brothers-in-arms to a momentous victory over the French at The Battle of Agincourt. Shakespeare’s retelling of this legend of English glory was exactly what his Elizabethan audience was hungry for- the tale of a golden hero, a most kingly champion of England.

For nobles and subjects alike, the English crown well becomes Hal and he has shown a reassuring transformation from his misguided youth. Those distracted days of drinking in the brothels of Cheapside with his famous companion, that bombast of sac Sir Jack Falstaff, are long past. He has succeeded his fathers throne with a princely grace, but expectation would have him prove his strength as England’s sovereign. Reclaiming lands in France would not only prove England’s imperial prowess, but show Hal as a war-like ruler able to lead men into battle and earn the love of his subjects, not to mention win him a beauteous queen to solidify political ties and ensure the royal line.

Before long, Hal reveals his realizations to us; he has seen who he must become, and what of himself he must leave behind to become the ruler his kingdom demands-

“Upon the king! let us our lives, our souls, Our debts, our careful wives, Our children and our sins lay on the king! We must bear all. O hard condition” -King Henry, Henry V

The Malachites are delighted to be working with Grindstone Theatre to transport you to “the vasty fields of France” as we kick off our inaugural Canadian season with Shakespeare’s epic tale of kingship. The production is slated for rehearsal end of November into December with performances January 9th to the 21st at Edmonton’s Holy Trinity sanctuary space. There is also possibility of a transfer to Calgary following the initial run.

We invite those actors who have not yet been seen by Malachite Theatre to submit a resumé and headshot for LIMITED audition slots on Friday September 23rd. If you have already submitted previously, please DO NOT resubmit. Space is extremely limited so email your materials to as soon as possible to be considered.

Auditionees will be required to prepare one monologue no longer than 2 minutes which must be from Shakespeare’s works or those of his Elizabethan/Jacobean contemporaries and must be in verse. You may also be asked to do a cold read. If you play an instrument or sing, please prepare a short piece which demonstrates your musicality and is no longer than one minute.

To find out more about The Malachites, please visit

CAEA members will be seen first at all open audition calls. Please bring your membership card to the audition. Malachite Theatre employs artists from all cultural and creative backgrounds.

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