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Library: Featuring Playwright Hannah Moscovitch – Theatre Alberta

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Library: Featuring Playwright Hannah Moscovitch – Theatre Alberta


Hannah Moscovitch is an Ontario-born
playwright that has started to capture national interest over the past few years. Described as the “dark angel of Toronto theatre” (Toronto Star), Hannah brings a theatrical style that challenges viewers on both an emotional and intellectual level. Her plays combine jarring themes with characters that are complex yet sympathetic enough to leave the audience guessing on where they stand. Some of the issues she has written about include gender politics, heritage and history, and cross-cultural relations. Not interested yet? All of this is spun with a unique sense of humor that could only be described as tragic. Earning the title of Canada’s hottest young playwright, Hannah Moscovitch creates a theatre branded to Canadian audiences.

81OwEpmAGYLHannah’s popularity continues to grow both on the stage and for those reading at home: her plays are among the most consistently read at the Theatre Alberta library. In This Is War, four Canadian troops are interviewed on their experiences in one of the most volatile regions in Afghanistan. They speak of accidental shootings, traumatizing deaths, and the difficulties of dealing with an indiscernible enemy. Moscovitch was inspired to write this piece after her work with CBC Radio’s Afghanda and the play won her the Toronto Theatre Critic’s Award for Best Canadian Play as well as the Trillium Book Award, making her the first playwright in the award’s twenty-seven year history to win.

Hannah has been publishing written work since 2005, but in 2007 she began working with Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre and has been there ever since. Though most of her work is written for the stage, she has also delved in to writing for radio, television, opera and film. Most recently, Hannah has finished writing a new play, Infinity, and commissioned works for the Stratford Festival and Shaw Festival in Ontario, as well as a brand new play, Kaufman Kabaret, that premiered at the University of Alberta’s Studio Theatre in March 2016.

You can find some of Hannah’s plays here at the library!

Written by Jordan Sabo.

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