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What’s On (Edmonton): “The Panto Girls” (Edmonton Fringe) – Independent

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What’s On (Edmonton): “The Panto Girls” (Edmonton Fringe) – Independent

Panto Girls“Absolutely superb! Very funny and brilliantly performed.”

After a hugely successful tour of the U.K., The Panto Girls are coming to the Edmonton Fringe at the Walterdale Theatre!

If you’ve ever been in a play in your life, or wondered what goes on in a dressing room or just enjoy theatre, this is the show for you!

This delightful play shows what life is like behind the scenes at a traditional English Christmas pantomime where classic fairy-tales are presented in a frivolous vaudeville style, the principal boy is played by a girl and the “dame” is very obviously a man in a dress.

The performance is Cinderella, and two very different men have the job of wearing the dresses and wigs and going onstage as the ugly sisters. George lives for the theatre and enjoys the bright lights, the glamour and the greasepaint; whereas for Roland, acting is just “a job,” and he’s more into motor-biking, football, women and drinking with his mates. How will they stand each other’s company in the dressing room?

“Excellent show – very clear. Very profound. Very funny.”

Andrew Cullum and Oliver Hume have played two seasons as Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters in the English Midlands, and alongside their director, Marcus Fernando, they have appeared in countless productions together. The Panto Girls is partly inspired by their own experience and sprang from conversations the team had backstage one Christmas. As they toured the play in the U.K., they fell to talking about the Canadian fringe scene and wondered what Canadian audiences would make of their show. Someone said, “Only one way to find out!” And here they are!

“Fascinating and thoroughly absorbing – very well done.”


  • Saturday, August 13, 4.30,
  • Sunday, August 14, 10.30,
  • Monday, August 15, 6.30,
  • Wednesday, August 17, 12.30pm,
  • Thursday, August 18, 8.15pm,
  • Friday, August 19, 2.30,
  • Saturday, August 20, 10.45pm.

Venue: Walterdale Theatre, 10322 – 83rd Avenue NW

For more information:

For artist interviews: Oliver B. Hume.

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