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What’s On (Edmonton): “Scaramouche Jones” (Edmonton Fringe) – Blarney Productions

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s On (Edmonton): “Scaramouche Jones” (Edmonton Fringe) – Blarney Productions

Scaramouche Jones - Blarney Productions“Scaramouche Jones” by Justin Butcher

Featuring: Robert Benz

Directed by: Braydon Dowler-Coltman

Stage Managed by: Candice Charney

Sound and Music by: Kristian Stec

Produced by: Wayne Paquette

Photography and Promotion Design by:

“Powerful, imaginative and marvellously written . . . an extraordinary and original creation” – Sir Paul Scofield

It’s 11pm on Millennium Eve. The ancient clown, Scaramouche Jones, has given his last performance and retires to his dressing room to wait alone for the stroke of midnight – and his own centenary. Reflecting on the extraordinary fortunes of his life, his journey spans the furthest reaches of crumbling empires and the darkest episodes of the 20th century in his quest for a father and a homeland. He strips away his seven comic masks and reveals the heart buried deep within: his final confession. By turns bizarre, comic, epic, tragic – laced with the consummate wit of the circus clown – his tale unfolds as an enchanting fable of poignancy and laughter.

Blarney Productions is proud to present Scaramouche Jones at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

You have 9 chances to catch this remarkable show:

  • Friday, August 12: 3:00 pm Performance
  • Sunday, August 14: 5:00 pm Performance
  • Monday, August 15: 9:00 pm Performance
  • Tuesday, August 16: 3:00 pm Performance
  • Wednesday, August 17: 5:00 pm Performance
  • Thursday, August 18: 9:00 pm Performance
  • Friday, August 19: 5:00 pm Performance
  • Saturday, Aug. 20: 9:00 pm Performance
  • Sunday, Aug. 21: 3:00 pm Performance

VENUE 42: Campus Saint Jean’s Auditorium – 8406, rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury (91 Street)

Tickets available:

Tickets for the 2016 Edmonton Fringe Festival ON SALE NOW!

REVIEWS for Scaramouche Jones:

“Extraordinary solo piece by Justin Butcher … hilarious, picaresque and terrifying.”  – John Peter, The Sunday Times

“Justin Butcher’s fascinating, poignant, funny play” – Jeremy Kingston, The Times

“Justin Butcher’s gloriously elegiac prose … reverberates in the memory”  – Sophie Gorman, Irish Independent

“Unique … stunning … a new kind of theatre”  – Karen Joyner, Metro

“Butcher’s use of language is sensational … every line dances … like dynamite …”  – Vicky Frost, Bristol Evening Post

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