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Auditions (Calgary/Edmonton): School Touring Theatre – Soren Bennick Productions

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Auditions (Calgary/Edmonton): School Touring Theatre – Soren Bennick Productions

Experienced Actors from Accredited Schools for Bully-proofing Show

Soren Bennick's The Power of OneWe are an inspiration and education company that uses live theater to share character building messages with primary aged students.

You and your co-star initially address primary / elementary assembly audiences as yourself. You solicit input to help build scenarios for various skits to demonstrate typical conflict situations. You pause, make use of props to assume roles in the skits identified by students, and play out the skit. At the end, you come out of character, become yourself and together with student input, you discover proven ways to eliminate conflict. If you are high energy, 25 – 30, with a valid driver’ s license, have no criminal convictions, no addictions, and if you wish to refine and hone your craft, this might just be the production for you.

This is for a two (2) person team based in and around Calgary, initially, and then Edmonton. This is a paid position. We pay $500/ week plus vehicle and prepaid expenses. If you have vehicle and if it is needed, AND if you choose to use it, we would pay an additional rate / day plus gas and tolls, etc. Having and using your own car is not a prerequisite for applying for the role. Serious actors only. You must have a demonstrated track record and have been trained at an accredited acting school. Apply NOW!

Deadline to apply: August 15, 2016.

To apply for an acting position at Soren Bennick, please submit a resume and photo by email to info@sorenbennick.com. No covering letter is required. Attachments will not be opened.

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