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Announcement (Edmonton): Support Female Identified Artists (Edmonton Fringe) – #FringeFemmeYEG

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Announcement (Edmonton): Support Female Identified Artists (Edmonton Fringe) – #FringeFemmeYEG



Support the work of female identified artists, directors, playwrights, & choreographers!

“Last year out of Toronto, a campaign was launched during the Fringe to promote and support the work driven by female identified artists. Their campaign was #fringefemmeTO. It was and still is a brilliant initiative that celebrates works driven by female directors, playwrights and choreographers. 

With their blessing to proceed (thanks Sophia!), today we carry the torch westward and launch: #FringeFemmeYEG ! ! !

To quote FringeFemmeTO, “We beat the drum for badass artists and welcome you to do the same!” 

See some shows! Talk about them! Be seen, be heard, celebrate, support and champion our work! 

Use the hashtag #FringeFemmeYEG (and don’t forget to tag the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival of course! 

Follow us also on twitter @FringeFemmeYEG.

All are welcome! Let’s keep the conversation going! 

Share the Image! Share the Hashtag!”

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