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Artstrek (Alberta): Instructor Simon Mallett – Theatre Alberta

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Artstrek (Alberta): Instructor Simon Mallett – Theatre Alberta

Artstrek 2016 Instructor - Simon MallettMeet Artstrek 2016 Instructor Simon Mallett!

Artistic Director | Director | Theatre Maker

  • Founder and Artistic Director of Downstage Theatre, Calgary.

Benefit by Downstage Theatre

Mallett directs Benefit like a chess match, which means he moves each of his players carefully and purposefully, creating some very powerful tableaus. (Photo: Diane + Mike Photography, Calgary Herald.)

We’re working hard to make our shows accessible to a wide range of Calgarians – whether that’s by touring our creation work to community halls around the city and province (like the Downstage Creation Ensemble’s Good Fences), doing a free run of a play that’s live-streamed online (rihannaboi95 by Jordan Tannahill) or offering tickets at no cost through our Pay-It-Forward program. – Simon Mallett

To view Simon’s complete profile, please click here.

Exploration I: July 3-8 | Exploration II: July 10-15 | Exploration III: July 17-23



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