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What’s On (Edmonton): Play Reading at the Script Salon – PGC, APN, Holy Trinity Anglican Church

What’s On (Edmonton): Play Reading at the Script Salon – PGC, APN, Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Script SalonFrantic Farce in the Family is offered by Reed McColm at July’s Script Salon.

If you attended our December Script Salon, you heard Reed McColm’s Christmas comedy, Together Again for the First Time. The family is back!

On Sunday, July 3 Script Salon is pleased to present a comedy of a blended family falling apart at the seams: Reed McColm’s uproarious Together Again for the Next Time.

THE STORY: The far flung and eccentric blended Frobisher family is gathered together again for the wedding of daughter Chenille to a man they barely know. The Frobisher siblings and step-siblings have a difficult enough time getting along at the best of times, but with arrival of long lost family members and new in-laws the mammoth clan must rise to the challenge creating new bonds lest the whole fragile familial foundation fractures. A sequel to Reed’s Christmas comedy Together Again for the Next Time.

The play is read by Julien Arnold, Daniel Greenways, Ellie Heath, Andrea House, Rachel Bowron, Jenny McKillop, Alyssa Pierre, Garett Ross, Davina Stewart, Luc Tellier and Gabriel Richardson.

When: Sunday, July 3 at 7:30.

Where: Upper Arts Space at Holy Trinity Anglican Church (10037 84 Avenue).

Admission is free although donations are accepted. Refreshments are available. Parking is free.

After the reading the audience is invited to ask questions and provide commentary directly to the playwright.

SCRIPT SALON is sponsored and supported by the Playwrights Guild of Canada, Alberta Playwrights Network and Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

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