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Auditions (Red Deer): Indoor/Outdoor – Red Deer Players

Auditions (Red Deer): Indoor/Outdoor – Red Deer Players

Red Deer PlayersAuditioning for October 2016 Production of “Indoor/Outdoor” by Kenny Finkle!

Auditions: June 29 & 30 (7pm-9pm).
Callbacks: Monday, July 4 (7pm-9pm).
Location: St. Luke’s Anglican Church, 4929 – 54 Street, Red Deer AB

Deadline to submit: June 27. For more information, please contact Ash Mercia at

Additional Information:

  • Rehearsals: August 15 – October 13, 2016.
  • Performances: October 14-15, 20-22, 27- 29, 2016.

About the Play: Indoor/Outdoor is an adorable sentimental romantic comedy. When Samantha the cat is born, her mother makes her promise never to settle for anything less than true-love. Samantha promises, and embarks on a quest to do just that. After many failed attempts, she starts living with a man named Shuman. Believing Shuman to be “the one”, Samantha couldn’t be happier until she begins to realize that Shuman doesn’t always seem to understand her. Even worse, Shuman doesn’t seem all that interested in trying to understand her. One night Oscar, a suave alley cat, shows up outside the window. Samantha begins to wonder if she’s an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. Rounding out the cast is the one person who can understand Samantha: a quirky aspiring cat therapist named Matilda who just wants to help and solve everyone’s problems without being very adept at solving her own. Samantha finds herself on a journey, both physical and emotional, that leads her to discover what having a home and being loved really mean to her.


  • SAMANTHA (Female: 20-30’s): A female cat. Samantha is trying to find her true love, and in the process discovers who she is. She’s curious, determined, and impulsive. She wants very badly to be known and understood.
  • SHUMAN (Male: 20-30’s): A human man who works from home doing web-design. A sensitive soul. He lacks confidence and isn’t very good at listening or understanding. Shuman is Samantha’s owner.
  • MATILDA (Female: 20-30’s): A human female. Matilda works as the front-desk woman in a veterinary clinic. She dreams of quitting that job to pursue her passion of being a cat-therapist. She can understand, and speak to, Samantha. She is definitely not the most well-adjusted person. She’s kind, caring, and want’s to help.
  • OSCAR (Male: 20-30’s): A male cat. Oscar is an alley cat that meets Samantha through the glass window of Shuman’s house. He is very up-front and blunt with his intentions and emotions. He’s suave, charismatic, and passionate. He offers a very alluring life for Samantha outdoors.

*There are also several brief side-characters; these will be played by the actors cast in the roles of MATILDA and OSCAR.

Audition Requirements:

  • Please prepare a comedic monologue (2 minutes long).
  • Auditions will be in 10 minute intervals.

To Submit: Actors are encouraged to submit a resume and headshot by email to no later than June 27, 2016 with “Indoor/Outdoor Audition” in the subject line. If you have a preferred audition time slot, please indicate that in the body of the email as well.

Red Deer Players Website:

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